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best refrigerators in India


10 Best Air Conditioner in India (2020) - Review & Buyer's Guide

March 13, 2020

best refrigerator in india


10 Best Refrigerator in India (2020) - Review & Buyer's Guide

March 15, 2020

best washing machines in india


14 Best Washing Machine in India (2020) - Review & Buyer's Guide

March 15, 2020

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best refrigerator in india
Mar 14, 2020

Refrigerator maintains a cooler temperature and keeps your food fresh for a longer time. It is one of the costly appliances and will be with you for at least 10 years…

split air conditioner in india
Feb 29, 2020

An AC is no longer luxury rather it becomes a necessity. It is our best friend during the hot and sweaty summer day. If you are planning to buy air conditioners then this is the right place. Here you will get a list of the split, window as well as portable AC along with buyers guide…

best washing machine in india
Aug 1, 2019

With more than 15+ brands along with their 500+ washing machines available in the market. It is very obvious for anyone to get confused with this huge abundance of brands. Here we did a comprehensive study and refined a list of Top 14 best washing machine…

best air cooler in India
Aug 1, 2019

Air coolers are the best alternative to air conditioners, they help to reduce the heat with a little investment. Here we will help you with the top 10 best air coolers in India along with their features, specification, brand as well as latest trends…

top budget air purifier in india
Dec 25, 2019

Nowadays Air purifiers are not as a luxury rather it becomes essential home appliances. A good Air purifier consists of many efficient filters, which eliminates almost 99.9% of airborne allergens and keeps indoor air clean….

havells water heater in india
Nov 10, 2019

Water heater/ Geysers are one of the essential appliances for every house. It is always difficult to take a morning shower during winter with the cold water. Geyser is a component used in a water heater…

best semi automatic washing machine
May 10, 2020

Looking for a budget washing machine which can run even without continuous water supply then a semi-automatic washing machine is perfect you. You can fill it even with a bucket as well as with running tap water. It is entry-level washing machine is and costs around 10000 rupees. Here is the list of top 6 best semi-automatic washing machine in India...

best single door refrigerator in india
Jan 12, 2020

Single door refrigerators are a great alternative to fridge and freezer combo. These are perfect for couples as well as small Indian families up to 3-4 members. Here in this article, we will discuss the top 10 best single door refrigerator in India along with their features, specifications, pros & cons…

top 8 best food processor in india 2020
Jan 12, 2020

A food processor is a kitchen appliance which works like your assistant in the kitchen. It helps with chopping, slicing, grinding, mixing as well as juicing. Here we will discuss the 8 best food processors as well as their buyer’s guide…

best washing machines in india
Aug 1, 2019

Whenever you are planning to buy any appliances. You first search for its features and the best available brands. While the next most important factor is “The Best Budget Washing Machine”. Here we have filtered a list 12 budget washing machine….

Faber Heat Auto Clean Chimney
Dec 28, 2019

Kitchen Chimney is one of the important kitchen appliances. It sucks the harmful smoke and fumes from the kitchen and gives a clear and clean kitchen. Here we will discuss 10 best kitchen chimney available in the Indian market along with their features and buyers guide…


best washing machines in india


Today the market is flooded with a wide range of washing machines, it is always tough to choose the best machine as your need. Here we will help you with the best washing machine machines from the top washing machine brands...

best ac in india


Air Conditioners are now one of the essential home appliances for every house during summer. In India, summer days are very hot and humid. An air conditioner will help to cool the room as well as adjusts rooms humidity. If you are planning to buy AC then this is the right place for you. Here we will discuss different types of AC split, window as well as portable AC. We will discuss in their description, features, brands as well as pros and cons...

Refrigerator in india


The refrigerators are one of the most essential kitchen appliances of each house. These are our best friends during the summer month. But it is always confusing to choose the best refrigerator when there is a wide range of options available in India...

top 8 best food processor in india 2020


A food processor is like an assistant friend and helping hand in your kitchen. It will help you with all boring tasks like chopping, slicing, mixing as well as juicing. Here we will discuss food processor buying guide and also the top 8 best food processors available in the market...

top budget air purifier in india


Sometimes the indoor air is deadlier than the outdoor air. This may due to poor ventilation, smoke, burning of fuels or electrical appliances. Here we will discuss in details about Air pollution and how Air Purifiers helps in tackling air pollution...

best kitchen chimney in india with price and stainless steel


Any kind of smoke whether coming from factories, cigarettes, vehicles or by burning fuels in the kitchen is dangerous to human health. A kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen clean by removing oil fumes and smoke. Kitchen chimney also gives a premium look to your kitchen and adds decor value.

havells water heater in india


Water heaters and Geysers are very essential during the winter season. It is always pleasing to shower in hot water after a long day of tedious work, especially during freezing days. Here we did a comprehensive study on the geyser and will help you in your geyser shopping...

best air cooler in india


Summer in India is very hot and humid, days are long and reaches up to 40 degrees. An air cooler is one of the most important appliances during summer. It will cool your room and give you a sound sleep at night. Here we will discuss the best air cooler in the market along with their features, descriptions...

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