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About us


Here at Select4You, we will provide you with the best product review. You will get a wide range of products along with their descriptions, features and all other details that you will fall in love with. 

about us

Hello there!! Thank you so much for visiting select4you.in. – An initiative to helps people with their shopping. 

I am Gaurav Bhardwaj founder and CEO of Select4You. I am managing this entire blog with the help of innovative ideas from my wife and friends. Being graduated in computer science. I worked with many software organization and created many websites for them. I always want to have my website but never get the time and inspiration to start with.

Whenever someone asks about my hobby, I always start with reading, writing and obviously, their next question is “what have you written?”. Then I realized I didn’t have any good writing except my personal diary “obviously that I can’t share with them”. These conversations always spark thought to start a blog. But it wasn’t always easy to pursue your hobby when you have a full-time commitment to the job.

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A software developer by profession and blogger by heart. I am passionate about music, art, business, entrepreneurship, and Start-ups. In free time I like cooking, blogging and chit-chat with friends.

Gaurav Bhardwaj

Blog Developer

Why select4you.in?

I still remember the day when I spent weeks to finalize my laptop. I shared this difficulty with my wife, and she encouraged me to share my research with others so that they can save their precious time. By this view finally, I started select4you in August 2019 with encouragement from my wife Anshu Bhardwaj and my friends

The idea behind starting this blog is to help people with their shopping. Here at select4you.in, we are thoroughly reviewing the best available products on the internet and summaries them into a nice article. These articles will help you to finalize which products would be the best and suitable as per your needs.

I am always thankful and happy to receive your valuable comments, please share your idea to improve this blog. 

Thanks again for reading my blog, and I hope I will always improve this blog and maintain our cordial relationship in the future!!

Your feedback is valuable, Please write to us at [email protected]

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