10 Best Air Cooler in India 2020 - Desert & Room Coolers

Planning to buy the best Air cooler in India then no need to look further you are in the right place. Here we will discuss every aspects related to air coolers.

With the increasing global warming and air pollution, the summer in India stretches from April till October. The days are going to be hot as well as humid during the summer. We will feel enormous heat which makes us restless and tired. It is very difficult to get sleep and work comfortably during hot days. If you want to beat this summer heat with an affordable and effective way then you should buy the best cooler in India.

Our List of top 10 Best Air Cooler in India

We have distributed our Air Cooler list into two subcategories as per type.

We highly recommend you read our air cooler buying guide at the end of this article. This will give you the insight of air cooler feature, specifications, types and brand.

Top 5 Best Desert Air Cooler in India

1. Crompton Ozone 55/75/88 Litres Desert Air Cooler

  • Model – ACGC-DAC751
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 61 x 40.5 x 120 cm ; 14.5 Kg
  • Capacity – 55, 75 and 88 liters (Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 600 Sq Ft)
  • Power Consumption – 190 watts
  • Operating voltage – 230 V/50 Hz
  • Warranty – 1 year

Special Features

‣ Crompton is a well-known brand for manufacturing best in class air coolers. It is very energy-efficient and packed with lots of cool features.
‣ It will come in three different size variants 55 liters, 75 liters as well as 88 liters. This desert cooler is perfect for big hall and rooms with area up to 600 sq ft.

‣ It has effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads as well as Air Speed control to give maximum performance. This cooler has 3-speed settings along with water level indicator.
‣ It will give you cool air with its separate ice chamber and also in low electricity consumption. It is Inverter Capability and gives you uninterrupted cooling on hot summer days even without during power cut.

‣ Its durable fiber body keeps it rust free and is easy to clean and wipe. For better cooling, it needs to open windows and doors for cross ventilation.

Pros -

  • Comes in three different capacity of 55, 75 as well as 88 liters.
  • Has honeycomb cooling pads
  • Rust Free Body
  • Best Air cooler in India from Crompton

Cons -

  • Drains water very quickly.
  • No remote control

Verdict – This is the best Desert air cooler in India which comes in three different size variant(55 liter, 75 liter and 88 liter). It is one of most selling desert cooler on Amazon.

If you are looking for 100 liter capacity, then please check this below Crompton 100 liter desert cooler (This is most sold desert cooler from this website)

Crompton Optimus 65-Litre/ 100-Litre Desert Cooler

  • Model No – Optimus
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 65 Liter and 100 Liter
  • Suitable for – Upto 650 sq.Ft. Area
  • Air throw distance (ft) – 55
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  Extra large ice chamber, auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection, 5 castor wheels, Auto drain switch, ABS thermoplastic rust free body, auto fill water function, Inverter compatibility 
  • This is Best Desert Air Cooler in India

2. Symphony Siesta 70 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 70-litres

  • Model No – SIESTA 70 XL
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 70 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features – i-Pure console, multistage air purification (allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter), powerful dura-pump, Low Power Consumption
  • Best Desert Air Cooler in India with Air Purifier capabilities.

Symphony Storm 70 XL Desert Tower Air Cooler

  • Model No – STORM 70 XL
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 70 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features – Powerful blower fan and also automatic vertical swing, powerful dura-pump, 3-Side honeycomb pads, i-Pure technology, multistage air purification (allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter), 4 unit castor wheels, Low Power Consumption
  • Best desert air cooler in India with Air Purifier capabilities.

3. Bajaj 67 Liter Best Air Cooler in India

  • Model – DC2016 Glacier
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 70 x 61 x 110.5 cm ; 20.7 Kg
  • Capacity – 67 liter liters (Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 700 Sq Ft)
  • Warranty – It has 1 year of warranty provided by Bajaj

Special Features

This Bajaj desert cooler comes in 67-litre tank capacity, which is perfect for big size hall up to 750 sq ft. It is perfect for fighting with the humidity and heat and suitable for all climates and geographical locations. 

‣ Max cool and Turbofan Technology – It has Wood Wool cooling media For Effective Cooling with the uniform circulation of air.  It has a separate ice chamber for storing ice cubes for better cooling. 

‣ The powerful air will reach to all the corner and deliver uniform cooling throughout the room.  It’s 4- Way air deflection boasts of a powerful and effective surround cooling. It ensures chilled air reaches every corner of the room uniformly.  

Pros -

  • Bottom wheel for it better movement
  • Removable pads as well as 4-way deflection
  • Low in power consumption
  • Best air cooler in India.

Cons -

  • Too large for small to medium size rooms
  • Bit noisy and not perfect for a small and medium room.

4. Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Best Cooler in India

  • Model – Woodwool
  • Color – White & Maroon
  • Product Dimensions: 47.5 x 68.5 x 119 cm ; 17.8 Kg
  • Capacity – 55 liters (Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 400 Sq Ft)
  • Power Consumption – 190 watts
  • Warranty – 1 year on product

Special Features

‣ This Crompton Aura Woodwool Desert Cooler has 45 feet air throw distance. It provides air delivery of 4200 m2/hr. With its 55 liter capacity, it is ideal for space up to 500 Sq ft.
3-speed modes (High, medium and also low for hassle-free cooling).
Auto-swing facility for 4 way air deflection, its body is made up of abs and thermoplastic so it is rust free. It has a separate ice chamber for additional cooling option.

‣ The cooler is inverter compatibility and consumes less energy. You can connect it to your home inverter in case of power failure. With its Water level indicator, you can easily monitor the amount of water in the cooler. Also with its auto-fill technology, the user no need to worry about refilling water.

‣ It has a water drain plug and wood wool pads which makes it easy to clean. It also helps to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

Pros -

  • Instant cooling with the long air throw
  • compact design so takes lesser space
  • 4 castor wheels for easy cooler movement 
  • Rustproof body made from ABS and thermoplastic

Cons -

  • No remote control

5. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Best Air Cooler in India

  • Model – Double Cool Dx
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 65 x 53 x 55 cm
  • Capacity – 50 liters (Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 400 Sq Ft)
  • Air Throw Distance – 35 feet
  • Warranty – 1 year provided by Kenstar

Special Features

‣ This Kenstar cooler has a capacity of 50 liters and is perfect for an area up to 400 sq ft. You can put it in your living room, bedroom, restaurants, schools etc. It is best cooler in India with powerful pumps and high air delivery rate with 1750 m3/hr.

‣ It is made of the corrosion-free, rustproof plastic body. This air cooler is perfect for all weathers humid, dry, rainy and also the coastal region. There are two knobs on the top for controlling the speed of the fan and temperature.

‣ It has 4-way air deflection and 3-speed mode with Wood wool evaporative pads. This Kenstar cooler is economical, consumes less power, cools room uniformly, faster and also easy to install.

Pros -

  • Highly Affordable and durable
  • Corrosion Free body
  • Consume less power
  • Dedicated water inlet to connect it with a hose

Cons -

  • The bulky design does not come with a trolley.

Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler - 55/70 litres (White, Brown)

  • Model No – Celia I
  • Color – White-Brown
  • Capacity – 55 and 70 Liter
  • Air delivery – 3500 m3/hr
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  Full Function Remote, 4 castor wheels, Fully Collapsible Louvers to prevent dust and insects, low noise cooling, Digital Temperature display, Auto Drain and Humidity Control, 3 Side Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Cons- Bit pricey

Top 5 Best Room/Personal Air Cooler in India

6. Symphony HiCool-i 31-Litre Room Air Cooler

  • Model – Hicool i
  • Color – White & Black
  • Product Dimensions: 50 x 38 x 91.5 cm ; 10.8 Kg
  • Capacity – 31 liters
  • Includes – Remote, Honeycomb Pad, Multi-Stage Air Purification, 4 units castor wheel
  • Power Consumption – 185 watts
  • Operating voltage – 230 V/50 Hz (runs on operating cost of a fan)
  • Warranty – 1 year on manufacturing defects

Special Features

‣ This Symphony Hicool Air Cooler comes with Remote control and is capable of cooling the small room in minutes. There is also an ice cube chamber for giving instant cooling.
‣ This air cooler has i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters.
‣ These are capable of removing bacteria and particulates matters. It has allergy, dust, bacteria, PM 2.5 filter which also gives some feature of an air purifier.

‣ With its 31 liters of capacity, it is ideal for room size up to 50 sq ft. If you keep your door and window open for cross ventilation then it will give maximum cooling.
It has a Highly effective honeycomb cooling pad along with cool flow dispenser. Which ensures superior cooling.

‣ The SMPS technology auto Shut off the cooler in case of voltage.
‣ Control Panel – You will get easy to use, user-friendly touch control panel. All can be controlled using its remote control.

Pros -

  • Multi stage air purification
  • Perfect Cooling with auto Shut off protection
  • Has a Remote Control
  • Bottom wheel so Easy to move around

Cons -

  • Ideal only for small room

7. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

  • Model – PX97 Torque
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 45.5 x 43.5 x 82 cm
  • Weight – 11 Kg
  • Capacity – 36 liters
  • Power Consumption – 100 watts
  • Operating voltage – 230 V/50 Hz (Works even on Inverter)
  • Warranty – 1 year by the Bajaj.

Special Features

‣ Bajaj is an Indian brand, which provides the best cooler in India. This Bajaj cooler is ideal for different climates as well as geographical locations. It will be also perfect for coastal regions where there is high humidity in the air.

‣ With its capacity of 36 liters, it is perfect for a small as well as medium size room for an area up to 150 sq ft. This cooler has a hexagonal design which delivers maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. Its turbo fan gives smooth air all the time.

‣ This cooler has honeycomb cooling media with easily removable pads. The 3 side cooling pad along with 3-way speed control gives maximum performance.
‣ It will give energy and water-efficient operation and is the best air cooler in India.

Pros -

  • 3 way speed control and also easily removable pads.
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Lower noise and also better cooling
  • Four way air deflection
  • one of the best selling air coolers in the market.

Cons -

  • No multi-stage filtration included
  • They should use a metal screw in place of plastic.
  • No remote control included

8. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler

  • Model – Ice Cube
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 30.5 x 83.1 cm
  • Capacity – 27 liters
  • Power Consumption – 105 watts
  • Operating voltage – 230 V/50 Hz (runs on operating cost of a fan)
  • Warranty – 1 year on manufacturing defects

Special Features

This Symphony air cooler gives efficient cooling with its powerful fan and 3-speed motor. It has a capacity of 27 liter which is ideal for the small and medium room. For maximum cooling, you should keep the doors and windows open for cross ventilation.

Its highly effective honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispenser provides superior cooling. This symphony cooler price will be in budget and has i-pure technology.
It has also multi-stage filters for providing an air purifying effect. There are filters for allergy, bacteria, smell, dust as well as PM 2.5 to deliver cool and clean air.

It has long lasting dura pump gives maximum performance. The control panel has a knob for controlling fan speed, cooling and swing settings.
The lowest power consumption the same as a fan and also can work on the home inverter.

Pros -

  • 4 units castor wheel
  • Vertical swing so all over cooling
  • Less energy consumption
  • Multi-stage filter for clean air

Cons -

  • Need to change the filter regularly
  • No ice chamber and less coverage area

Cello Tower 15 Ltrs Tower Air Cooler

  • Model No – Cello Tower 15L
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 15 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features – Honeycomb Cooling Pads, In Built Castors wheels, 3 speed motor, Mosquito Net, Low Power Consumption

Voltas VM T35MH Tower Air Cooler - 35 Litres

  • Model No – VM T35MH-COOLER
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 35 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features – Sleek and elegant design, powerful air thrown, no deposition of dirt and sediments.

9. Orient Electric Smart cool Personal Air Cooler

  • Model – Smartcool DX CP1601H
  • Color – Black & White
  • Product Dimensions: 46 x 34 x 65 cm ; 8 Kg
  • Capacity – 3 different capacity (16, 20 as well as 35 liters)
  • Power Consumption – 140 watts
  • Warranty – 1 year on manufacturing defects

Special Features

‣ Orient provides on the best air coolers in India at affordable prices. This cooler comes in three different size variants, which is perfect for small and medium rooms.

‣ Its Densenest TM honeycomb pads give 25% more cooling as well as 45% more water retention. It has 3-speed control and air delivery rate of 1300m3/hr for faster cooling. The honeycomb cooling media gives optimum and uniform cooling.

‣ It consumes very less power and also works on home inverter in case of power failure.
‣ The body is made of rust and shockproof ABS plastic. It is an auto water fill feature for hassle-free operation.
‣ There is a specially designed net in the cooler. Which protects it from mosquitoes and also from dust particles.

‣ There is a separate Ice compartment which gives extra cooling when needed.

Pros -

  • 4 castor wheels and handle for easy movement
  • Full shockproof ABS plastic body
  • Highly energy efficient comes in three different sizes.
  • Dust filter and swing option

Cons -

  • No remote control
  • Bit noisy and also no stoppers on wheels to avoid slips

10. Bajaj 54-litres Window Air Cooler

  • Model – MD 2020
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions: 69.5 x 55.5 x 56.5 cm ; 16 Kg
  • Capacity – 54 liters (Ideal For Room Size Of Up to 400 Sq Ft)
  • Power Consumption – 230 watts
  • Operating voltage – 230 V/50 Hz
  • Warranty – 1 year on manufacturing defects

Special Features

This Bajaj air cooler is equipped with high air delivery and also a big water tank. With its 54 liter capacity, it is ideal for a room up to 400 Sq Ft.

‣ You can place this in a medium-size room to offices and schools. It is perfect for all climate and also for coastal regions.
Max cool and Typhoon Blower Technology for quick and efficient cooling. Its 3 Speed Control and powerful air throw will adjust the airflow according to the requirement.

‣ The Super Air Delivery will allow cooling quickly and reaches to every corner of the room. It will keep you cool even in extreme and sweating heat.

Pros -

  • Compact design, it can fit into the window
  • Easily movable 3 cooling pads
  • Inverter friendly
  • castor wheel to move around easily

Cons -

  • It doesn’t have an ice chamber and remote control
  • No Multi-stage filtration

Bonus 5 - Room and Desert Air Coolers

1. Maharaja Whiteline Rambo AC-303 65 L Air Cooler

  • Model No – Rambo
  • Color – White and Grey
  • Capacity – 65 liters
  • Air delivery – 3000 m3/hr
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  4 Way Air deflection, 3 Speed setting (Low, Medium & High), Anti-Bacterial tank with an aroma chamber, Can connect on home inverter, shockproof and rust-free body, Large tank capacity, Indian Air Cooler Brand
  • Cons- No trolley or wheels provide at the bottom, Bulky size

2. Voltas Grand 52E Desert Cooler - 52 liters

  • Model No – Grand 52E
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 52 Liter
  • Air delivery – 3600 m3/hr
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  Full Function Remote, 4 castor wheels, 8 hour timer, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Inverter compatible, Eco cool Mode, Product of TATA
  • Best Cooler in India from TATA

3. Symphony Storm 100T 100 Liters Tower Air Cooler (White)

  • Model No – STORM 100 L
  • Color – White
  • Capacity – 100 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features – Powerful blower fan and also automatic vertical swing, Large cooling pad area for better cooling, Strong wheels for easy movement
  • Best 100 liter desert air cooler in India.

4. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Tower Cooler - 30 Litres

  • Model No – Diet 3D-30i
  • Color – White- Black
  • Capacity – 30 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  Full Function Remote, Empty Tank Alarm, Water Level Indicator, 4 castor wheels, 3- sided Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Best Tower Air cooler in India

5. Usha Striker 70 SD1 70-Litre Desert

  • Model No – STRIKER 70SD1
  • Color – White- Black
  • Capacity – 30 Liter
  • Warranty – 1 year on product
  • Special Features –  3685 m3/h Air flow, Inverter compatible, 3 side Honeycomb cooling pads, 5 Castor Wheels, Water Level Indicator
  • Cons – There is no special Ice Chamber and Anti-Bacterial Tank.

Buyers Guide - Best Air cooler in India

The air cooler is one of the essential home appliances during summer as like refrigerator and washing machine. Being a tropical country Indian summer is very hot and humid. It is very difficult to work and sleep in these humid days. We either need an air conditioner or an air cooler to beat this hot summer. The best air cooler in India will cost you around 8k-10k rupees. It lasts for at least 7-8 years, so before buying any air cooler we should do some proper research. Air coolers are an economical and Eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners. An entry level AC will starts from ₹25000 while a good air cooler comes around ₹8000.

 In this buying guide, we will help you with some of these factors in detail and guide you on how to choose the best air cooler in India.

Video - Air Cooler Buying Guide in Hindi

How to buy best air cooler in india

How does Air Cooler work?

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporation, where continuous water is supply to cool the air. Every air cooler has water storage which is referred to as its capacity. Higher the water storage, the higher is the cooling capacity. With the use of pump water is dispersed on the cooling pad. When the cooler fan takes the outside air it passes through the cooling pad. The air absorbs the moisture and also releases the heat. Later this air is flown back to the room to cool the surrounding. This process repeated continuously to bring down the room temperature to give a pleasant environment during a hot sunny day.

Many air coolers have a dedicated ice chamber so that it will give maximum cooling. Most of the air coolers available today work on the same principle and called as swamp coolers or desert coolers. There is no involvement of any refrigerant cooling gas and it the natural way of cooling. The cooling from Air coolers is environment friendly.

Types of Air Coolers in India

In India, the popular air coolers are either personal air cooler or a desert air cooler. Personal air coolers include the tower air cooler or a room air cooler. Personal air coolers come in capacity from 15 liters up to 50 liters and perfect for small and medium-size rooms. While a desert air cooler starts from 50 liter and is ideal for big places like master bedroom, restaurants, living rooms etc. You should measure your room size before finalizing your best cooler in India.

Air Cooler Type

Water Capacity

Cooling Capacity

Tower Air Coolers

15 - 30 liters

Up To 80 Sq Ft

Room Air Coolers

20 - 40 liters

Up To 120 Sq Ft

Desert Air Coolers

40 - 100 liters

From 120 - 250 Sq Ft

Personal Air Coolers (Tower and Room Air cooler)

Personal air coolers are small and medium-size coolers which are relatively less costly. It is ideal for small personal rooms, study or small office cabin. Personal coolers will be either a tower air cooler or a room air cooler and generally called as room coolers.
These air cooler will cool a small area up to 80-120sq ft. There are wheels attached to the bottom for mobility. These coolers will have a water capacity of 15-50 litres and also it consumes less electricity than a desert air cooler.

Desert Air Cooler – These are bigger air coolers with a water capacity of 40-100 litres. These air coolers are preferable in the dry area and specially designed for cooling large areas such as offices, restaurants, living rooms etc. You can also find these coolers around Indian marriage ceremony, small parties, big living room and offices. They are costlier than personal coolers and can cool an area up to 250sq ft. You can also mount some desert coolers on your window for maximum output. While some desert coolers have wheels to move around the house. These are the cheaper and environment friendly good alternatives to air conditioners

Things to consider before buying air cooler

1. Water Capacity – Air cooler uses water to absorb the heat to give maximum cooling. But after some time all the water will be dried and need to feel again. A cooler with bigger tank capacity will provide cool air for a longer time without refilling it frequently. So before selecting any cooler, you should check for its size. Generally, a personal air cooler will be of size 15 to 50 liters while a desert cooler has a capacity from 50 liters to 100 liter.
It will directly depend upon the size of the room, for a small and medium-size room a personal cooler is perfect. While for a bigger living room and halls a desert cooler is perfect. 

2. Size of the Room – Every cooler has its capacity to cool some specific size of the room. If you buy a smaller capacity room then it will not properly cool the room. While a bigger capacity cooler will make the extra cold and also costs more on electricity.
Every cooler has a label mentioning cooling area covered. The airflow of cooler is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). It is the amount of air cycled in your room every minute. It is directly proportional to the area of the room so larger the area higher should be CFM.

3. Ice Chamber – Some coolers have the facility of separate ice chambers. You can keep the ice tray on the top shelf of the cooler and then when the ice melts it mixes the water tank. This ice water will help to reduce the temperature of the water. When this cold water passes on cooler pads it cools down the air.

4. Air Cooler Cooling pads

These are directly impacting the cooling performance of air cooler. While operation the cooling pad are wet due to water dispersal. When normal passes through these pads they release heats and makes the air cool.
Usually, there are two types of cooling pads available in the market. honeycomb or wood wool cooling pads.
Honeycomb cooling pad is designed in way of honeycomb and produced out of cellulose materials. They are durable and also requires less maintenance. They are a bit expensive compared to wood wool cooling pads. On the other hand, wood wool pads are made out of wood shavings synthetic fiber. They are less expensive and also less durable than honeycomb pads.

Sometime if the cooling pad has smell or dirt then it will throw bad air outside the cooler. So the cooling pad should always be clean. It is advised to replace the cooling pads regularly. For better result, the cooling pad should be thicker.

5. Inverter compatibility – It is one of the best features available in many air coolers. In India, we are still facing the problem of a power cut. An air cooler with inverter compatible can connect to the home inverter and runs even during a power failure. These air coolers consume less power the same as a fan. So if your area has an issue with power cut then inverter air cooler is the best option for you. 

6. Budget or Price Range – Air cooler price ranges from 5000 to 12000 rupees. With the increasing price, the features will also increase. For the best air cooler in India, one should invest at least 7000 rupees. In that, you will get cooler with all the latest features.

7. Water level Indicator -

It will indicate the level of water present in the air cooler. For optimum cooling and efficient performance, there should always be the right amount of water present in the cooler. Many coolers have to manually fill the water tank while in some coolers there is a facility of auto fill.

8. Remote Control – Most of the air coolers are not coming with remote controls. But if your cooler has this facility then it will give ease of access. You no need to get up every time to change the settings.

9. Castor Wheels – A cooler with caster wheels gives you the facility to move around the house. Some wheels are made of plastic while some are made of hard rubber.

10. Warranty and after sale support – Mostly air cooler brands in India provides one year of manufacturing warranty. You should also check for company profile and after sale support. If your air cooler brand has a local service center and dealer then it will be great.

Cooling capacity Or Air Delivery rate of Air Cooler

Every cooler has a label for cooling area or air delivery rate. It is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). It is the amount of air cycled by air cooler in your room every minute. The higher CFM means the air cooler will cycle more air and cools the room faster.

Air delivery or Air displacement rate (in CFM) = Area of room in square feet x the height of your room / 2

(The factor 2 in the denominator denotes that the room air is changed once every 2 minutes)
For example – We take a room of size 100Sq Ft and the hight is 8 feet. Now we will calculate the Air delivery rate for this room. 

Air delivery (CFM) = 100 x 8/2 = 400 Cubic feet per minute.
So you should buy the best air cooler in India with this air delivery rate for this room. By the same way, you should calculate for your room before buying cooler. Sometime you will find Air delivery rate is mentioned in cubic metre per hour. You can convert it using below formula.

1 cubic metre/ hour = 1.699 x 1 CFM.

So room with 400 CFM is 
1.699 x 400 = 680 cubic meters/ hour (approx).

Key things to consider while buying Best Air Cooler:

1) Measure your room size and buy correct size cooler. You can refer to the air delivery rate above for better understanding.
2) Wisely decide air cooling pads (Honeycomb pads are better)
3) Check is your cooler can also give any Air-purifying capabilities (Its a bonus feature)
4) Galvanized steel body coolers are more durable and efficient.
5) If you are from the humid area then check for Humidity Control feature in cooler.

Advantage of Best Air Cooler in India

  • Air cooler is the cheap and best alternative to the air conditioner. They are almost 60-70% cheaper than AC.
  • It will consume less electricity than an air conditioner.
  • Some air cooler can connect to home inverter in a case of power failure.
  • They are not using any refrigerant gas so are environmentally friendly.
  • There are wheels or stands attached at the bottom, so it easy to move around the house.
  • Air cooler has a separate water tank or ice chamber so it gives better cooling than a fan.

Disadvantages of Air Coolers

  • They are more suitable in a dry climate where is the humidity is less in air. The air cooler works on the principle of evaporation. Where it adds humidity in the air so in humid climate air cooler will add more humidity. There are some cooler which are capable of working efficiently in coastal areas.
  • It will be noisier than a fan and air conditioner.
  • Air cooler needs a continuous water supply to cool the air. It will not suitable in areas where there is water scarcity.
  • Some of cooler parts are prone to rust and corrosion. So in case of hard water supply, they may damage the parts.

Best Air Cooler brand in India

There are many air coolers brand available in the market but among them, some are leading brands. If you consider the customer reviews, service centres, product features, innovations etc. Then Symphony, Bajaj, Crompton, Orient, Kenstar and maharaja are leading cooler manufacturers in the Indian market. We will briefly discuss these brands and also give you an overview of them.

1. Bajaj Electricals – It is an Indian based brand for manufacturing Home and Kitchen appliances. Along with appliances like food processor, geysers, kitchen chimney, Bajaj group is associated in many sectors like automobiles, insurance, travel, finance and many more. Their coolers are very popular among Indian homes and are also energy efficient and durable. 

bajaj logo

Bajaj air coolers are suitable for different climates as well as geographical locations. They have features like high air delivery rate as well as a big water tank.

They have a wide range of service centers across India. You will get hassle free after sale support. Please visit Bajaj official website for more details on service and support.

2. Symphony  is also an Indian Multi National Company with presence in over 60 countries. They are the leading manufacturer of best air coolers in India. They provide domestic air coolers, industrial air coolers, as well as water heaters.

symphony air cooler

 Its headquarter is in Ahmadabad and is the highest-selling brand for air coolers. They have a wide network of dealers and service center across India. You will excellent after sale support for their coolers. You can find more details of services and support at their official websites.

3. Kenstar

 It is also an Indian brand for manufacturing home appliances. They have a wide range of air coolers from room coolers to desert cooler. Its headquarter is in Mumbai and have service centers all across India. Kenstar Air Coolers are durable and budget friendly. They are very popular among Indian homes. For more information about services and after sale support please visit their official website.

Along with Bajaj, Symphony, Kenstar there are also some good brands for air coolers. Cromptons, Orient and Maharaja are also leading air cooler manufacturer. They are providing both personal and desert air coolers.

Tips for better working of Air Coolers

‣ It is recommended to place your air cooler near the window. You should open the door and windows for proper ventilation. It will give fresh and cool air. If there is an ice chamber then you can place ice for maximum cooling.

‣ Check for air cooler cooling pads regularly and clean them properly. A clean cooling pad will give fresh air and also doesn’t produce any bad smell. If you observe any foul smell then its time to change the water as well as clean the cooler.

‣ Some air coolers have multi-layer filtration, which keeps away the dust and smell. You should check for these filters regularly and change them if required.

‣ Be sure there will not be any leakage, it may result in rust and slippery floor.

‣ Unplug or switch off the cooler when you are changing the water, it may cause some electric shock.

What is the difference between Air Conditioner and Air cooler?

Air Cooler

Air Conditioner

The price for best air cooler in India starts from ₹3000 and goes up to ₹15000.

A best AC in India will starts from ₹25000 and goes up to ₹50000.

It requires water source to cool the air. On daily basis it need atlest 10 bucket of water.

It has refrigerant gases CFC which absorbs the indoor heat and releases it outside.

No need of installation. These are portable and can be move around the house.

It requires professional installation and is fixed in a window or wall.

These are more eco friendly to environment.

It's refrigerant gas is harmful to environment and has ozone deplition potential.

For better cooling it need proper cross ventilation.

While in AC it requires proper enclosed room.

It uses outside air and then cools it down to circulate fresh air.

While in AC internal air is circulated for proper cooling.

More energy frinedly costs less on electricity.

An AC will consume atleast 4-5 times more electricity than air cooler.

FAQ - Best Air Cooler in India

The air cooler works on the principle of evaporation when warm air is drawn into it. It passes through a wet cooling pad, where it absorbs the heat from the air. Later a powerful fan propels the cool air into the room.

Both have their advantages, but air cooler provides better cooling than a fan. It uses wet cooling pads to absorb the heat from the air to circulate cool air around the room. On the other hand, the fan only circulates the air which is present in the room. It will not cool the air so the fan is perfect for normal days while cooler is needed for hot days.

Air delivery is the amount of air the cooler moves in each minute. It denotes the power air cooler to cool the room. Higher the air delivery rate more cooling capacity of cooler will be. Air Delivery is calculated in cubic feet per minute or cubic metre per hour

An air conditioner will give a better cooling than an air cooler. Air conditioner controls both heat and humidity from the room. While air cooler will only cool the room but increases the humidity. But air conditioner will be 4-5 times costlier as well as consumes 7-8 times more electricity. If you can’t afford an air conditioner than an air cooler is perfect for you.

Wood wool pads are made of wood shavings while Honeycomb cooling pad is made out of cellulose materials. Wood wool is less expensive and durable than honeycomb pads. They also require less maintenance and are of basic type. The wood wool cooler is a bit pricey and also consumes more electricity than a honeycomb air cooler.

It would be a good option to have wheels in the air cooler. It is easy to move coolers across the house with the help of the wheel. If your cooler doesn’t come with inbuilt wheel then you have to buy additional stands for cooler.

It is advised to place your cooler near to windows. You should keep the windows and door open for cross ventilation. It will also push the humidity out of the room and provides optimum cooling. The evaporation process also works faster in the presence of hot air so it will cool the room more effectively and quickly.

Both air coolers are equally great, If you are living in humid areas then fan cooler is best for you. It will not increase the humidity and gives better cooling. While in the dry season the blower air cooler will work fine because it increases the humidity.

Sometimes, it gives bad smell due to the presence of bad water. There may be chances that water may contain insects in it. There are also chances that the cooling pads get dirty after some time, so it is advisable to change it if it is dirty.

This is air purification technology used in Symphony air coolers. Some of high end Best Symphony air coolers have some additional filters to eliminate dust, allergies and airborne particles to release clean and cool air. These coolers will have some Air Purifier capabilities.

Final Words -

India is a tropical country and days in summer are very hot and humid. It is difficult to sleep as well as work during hot days. For these days an air cooler or an air conditioner is much needed. If you are tight on budget then the best air cooler in India is a good alternative to the air conditioner.

If you are looking for a tower air cooler then Symphony HiCool-i 31-Litre or Bajaj Platini PX97 would be the best buy. While if you looking for best desert air cooler in India, then Symphony Siesta 70 XL or Crompton Ozone desert air cooler will be a great buy. 

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of the air coolers and also the list of top 10 best cooler in India helps you to select your air cooler. Please let us know if you need any further details and also provide us with your valuable comments for the improvement of our service.

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Best Air Cooler in India
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Best Air Cooler in India
An Air Cooler is a great alternative to the Air conditioner. Air coolers are very economical as well as the environment-friendly means to beat hot and humid summer days. Check out this article for top best air cooler in India along with their features, specifications, buyers guide, pros and cons.
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  1. I was confused between desert and room cooler, you gave me clear idea. Finally I bought Crompton Desert cooler for my home.
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