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A washing machine is an expensive home appliance. It will serve its purpose for at least 10-12 years. We always want our washing machine should run fine without any trouble. Whenever you planning to buy a washing machine, you will find at least 15 plus brand. Among them, some are providing good features while some are best in after-sale support. We always want our washing machine to be equipped with the best services and also have hassle-free after-sale support. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 best washing machine brand in India. We will cover its technologies, special features, service supports and best products.

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

best washing machine in india

A washing machine brand is considered to be good if it not only provides best in class washing machines but also provide hassle-free after-sale support. According to the study LG, IFB, BOSCH, Samsung, Whirlpool and Godrej shares almost 80% of Indian washing machine market.

LG Washing Machine Brand In India

It is one of the Leading Washing Machine Brand available in the Indian market. Moreover, It is the leading manufacturer in front loader washing machine in India.
LG makes our life comfortable with its wide range of washing machines. It has a semi-automatic, fully-automatic, top loader and front-loader washing machines. Their washing machines are durable and also require the least maintenance. LG has wide network of service centres in India and they provide excellent after-sale support. LG is considered as best washing machine brand in India.

Technologies used by LG washing Machine

‣ Direct Drive: In LG front loader and a top loader washing machine motor is directly attached to its drum. In this design there no belt & pulley involved. Due to which It increases durability and reduces its noise. 

‣ Smart Inverter Technology: Due to this feature machine adjusts its energy consumption. The Smart Inverter Control allows consuming that much power which is enough to perform its task.

‣ True Balance: It helps to reduce noise and also its vibrations.

‣ Twin Wash Technology – It has two separate drums one main drum and also a small drum. For stained and heavy loads like a blanket, curtain etc we can use the main drum. While for delicate clothes like socks, inner garments etc we can use a small drum. Small drum is just below the main drum.

‣ 6 Motion Technology: It Combines 6 different wash motions. These include stepping, swing, rolling, tumble, scrubbing and filtration. Due to this, it acts tough on tough stains and you will get an efficient wash.

‣ Jet Spray Technology: It uses Jet spray to remove detergent during the rinse cycle.

‣ Turbo Drum: Turbo Drum revolves in the opposite direction to the pulsator. This dual-direction rotating drum is available in top loader of LG Loader Machines. It improves the washing performance of the machine. 

LG Top Loader washing Machine Features

How to use Best IFB washing Machine in india

Features in LG Washing Machines

‣ Auto Restart – your machine cycle will resume exactly from the same place after power is back. As a result, you no need to worry about power cut during washing.

‣ Inbuilt Heater – It has a heater which can heat the water up to 60°C so remove any kind of stain.

‣ Punch + 3 – It creates water streams in the vertical direction. This water stream mixes laundry up & down. Due to this, you will get the best washing result.

‣ Child Lock. – you can disable its control panel and keep the setting safe from child interference.

‣ Baby Care – This is a special feature of LG washing machine. It first keeps water at 40°C and later at 60°C. Due to this, it removes enzymes, bacteria and detergent residue. As a result, you will get Germ free Clothes for your Babies.

‣ Waterproof touch panels keep you worry-free about water spillage on the control panel.

‣ Hygienic washes it gives you allergy-free clothes.

Demo Video - How to use LG Top Loader Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

How to use Best IFB washing Machine in india

LG washing machine After sale services

LG has a proper network of dealers and service centres across India. You will get the installation ASAP after your purchase. Moreover, you can inquire for repair and user manuals on their website. Also, you will get their latest software & firmware online through their website. You can contact them using Whatsup, email and support number. Moreover, for better service, they have their Mobile App.
They have SmartThinQ app which uses NFC tags. These tags help you to diagnose many issues by analyzing the patterns. For support, you can check their website for more details.

LG Washy washy

With the latest technology washing machine washes clothes even better than hand wash. Experience it with LG front load washing machine.

Bosch Washing Machine

Samsung Washing Machine In India -

Samsung Washing Machines

samsung best washing machine
It is the leading South Korean company. As well as, one of the dominant competitors in the Indian market for home & kitchen appliances. Samsung washing machines are not only good at appearances. But also they have great features, high performance, durability and customers trust.
Samsung washing machine has quick drive technology in newer models. Due to which the wash time reduced to half.

Technologies used by Samsung

‣ Eco bubble technology: Bubble Wash generates bubbles by dissolving detergent into the water. It dissolves detergent along with air, before the start of the normal wash cycle. Due to this feature, detergent becomes more efficient even at lower water temperature.

‣ Air wash technology – It helps you to remove the bad odour from clothes. Also, it uses super-hot air jet to kill odour which is coming from dirt and sweating.

‣ EcoDrum Clean Technology – By this, you will be notified when to clean the drum. Hence it helps you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

‣ Wobble Technology – This technology is present in Samsung top Loader washing machines. Due to this, it creates multi-directional flow for the tangle-free wash.

‣ Quick Drive technology – The new Quick Drive technology has a revolutionary main drum. It also has a back-plate. Because of this, it rotates freely to create a dynamic double action. As a result, it washes quickly, powerfully and gently.

‣ Volt Control Technology – It enables to work fine despite high levels of shock and low voltage deviations up to +- 25%.

‣ VRT +: Vibration Reduction Technology reduces the noise level. It also helps to reduce the vibration during operation. With this, you will experience a smooth washing experience.

Hardware related features in Samsung Washing Machines -

‣ Diamond Drum – It has smaller drum holes than the regular drums. Also, these holes make a diamond-shaped depression and are deeply located inside. These holes are 25% smaller than of regular top loader washing machines. These smaller holes are making soft edges in the drum. Due to which your clothes always remain damage-free.

‣ Advanced heat pump. – It delivers an intelligent, energy-efficient and gentle way to dry your clothes.

‣ Digital Inverter Motor – Traditional top loader washing machines have a fixed speed motor. But Samsung washing machine uses digital Inverter motor. This motor will adjust its speed according to the wash load of the machine. It will give the greatest energy efficiency with minimal noise and long-lasting performance. Moreover, Samsung washing machines give a 10-year warranty on its DI motor.

‣ Double Storm. – It produces better results with its changing powerful water wave effect. Moreover, it moves clothes through the wash cycle without any unnecessary entanglements. Its inner and outer blades rotate to create two powerful water currents. This effect is like a tornado-like current. Which further enhances the power of washing and rinsing. Due to this feature, your clothes do not get tangled, knotted or twisted.

‣ Ceramic Heaters – It enhances the life of the heater. It prevents the buildup of calcium compound on the heater. The calcium compound increases energy consumption. Due to this unique feature, Samsung washing machines become more energy-efficient and durable.

Samsung Washing machine - built In Sink

How to use Best IFB washing Machine in india

Some more functional features in Samsung Washing machine –

‣ FlexWash – It is a new hybrid design from Samsung. It provides you with ultimate washing flexibility. It has two separately controlled washers located in the same unit. So that, you can wash different types of laundry at the same time. Moreover, its front loader can use for heavy wash like blankets, curtains. While its top loader can use for small items like shocks, hanky etc.

‣ Silver Wash – It uses the natural power of ionic silver. With this feature, it will not only clean clothes but also to reduce bacteria. As well as, it also protects against bacteria growth for up to a month after washing.

‣ Built-in sink – It adds a sink to your laundry. With this, you can perform the stain removal process and pre-washing needs. Later you can lift the sink so that the items fall into the washer for the further wash.

‣ Touch LED Panel – It gives fine display along with soft-touch buttons. It gives an impressive look to its design.

Features specific to semi-automatic Samsung washing machine –  

‣ Samsung semi-automatic washing machines also gives a powerful performance. It has some special features such as rust-proof body for extended durability. Its air dry turbo feature ensures your clothes will dry up to 30% – 40% faster. Additionally, it has an EZ wash tray to scrub and rinse clothes with hands.
‣ Samsung provides silver Nanotechnology in their semi-automatic washing machine. Due to this, it helps to reduce the development of bacteria and mould in clothes. Moreover, it will remove any germs and bad odour from the clothes.

Demo Video - How to use Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine.

How to use Best IFB washing Machine in india

Services from Samsung Washing Machine –

  • Smartphone Apps: They have a mobile app for ios and android by which you can check on any machine errors. Moreover, if your machine is Wi-Fi enabled then you can control it remotely using this app.
  • Samsung washing machine service is one of the best service in India. It is famous for its wide range of products and After-Sale Support. Please visit their Samsung official website for more details.

samsung active wash

 Active Wash+ from Samsung includes a dedicated sink. It gives you a convenient and unique space to hand wash your delicate items.
It also provides the feature of pre wash of your heavily soiled clothes. 

Bosch Washing Machine

In this article of 6 best washing machine brand in India, we have discussed LG and Samsung. We have also covered about BOSCH, IFB, Godrej and Whirlpool washing machine brand. Please read about these brands here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better? Top load or front load washing machine?

Well, there is no one perfect answer to this, both are equally useful and packed with excellent features. It depends on multiple factors such as a Front-load washing machine save water and electricity but is more expensive. While top load washing machine is more convenient to use for persons suffering from back pain. You no need to bend to load and unload clothes.

Which is the best buy, a semi-automatic or a fully-automatic washing machine?

It is always recommended to buy a fully automatic washing machine. A semi-automatic washing machine is more like a manual machine. Consider a semi-automatic washing machine only if you are tight on budget. Also if there is no continuous water supply then you can only buy a semi-automatic washing machine.
Semi-automatic machines are too much of hassle to use and the entire washing procedure is time-consuming and tiring.

What damages clothes more, the washer or the dryer?

It all depends on how you use the washing machine. Our clothes are delicate and get easily harmed when they are cleaned in high settings. A washing machine has dedicated settings for cotton, wool as well as delicate wash. If you wash baby cloth on hard setting then it will easily be damaged.
It is always recommended to dry your cloth outside in the sunlight. It is environment friendly and saves your money on electricity bills. A dryer will result in lint generation and the long term, they will affect the cloth.

What is better, direct drive motors or belt drive motors in a washing machine?

A direct-drive washing machine produces lesser noise and also less vibration. The direct drive also consumes lesser electricity. It will give more efficient washing along with a long-lasting performance. The only problem is faster wear and tear but it can be taken care of by regular servicing.
Belt drive motors are cheaper and also longer-lasting. So the cost of the washing machine with belt drive motors is more affordable. But they produce more vibration and sound.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are planning to buy a washing machine, you must consider their features as well as price. You should also consider about their brands. A good washing machine brand will provide excellent after sell services, call-center as well as online support.

It is always painful if your machine stops functioning after someday. But to select the best washing machine with the huge number of brands available is always a tedious task. In this article, we try to help you with this. We have selected 6 best washing machine brand in India.

If you have any more queries regarding washing machines, please write to us here. Also, Please post your feedback and comment into the comment section below. We will try our best to resolve your query. Thank you again for Visiting US.

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