Top 10 Best Washing Machine in India 2021 (Review & Buyer's Guide)

By: Gaurav Bhardwaj

Last Updated on - September 4th, 2021

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Washing Machines are one of the most innovative and life-changing inventions of our time. It not only saves our valuable time but also prevents any hygiene issues. A washing machine washes our clothes without applying any physical effort. We don’t have to rub the clothes with our hands and squeeze them hard to drain them. We have filtered a list of the Top 10 Best Washing Machine in India with a review and buying guide.

A Washing Machine is an expensive home appliance and serves its purpose for at least 10-12 years. So it is always advisable to do proper research before finalizing your best washing machine. You should check the most significant parameters are the brand value, types, features, technologies, reviews, and budget. 

We highly recommend you read our washing machine buying guide at the end of this article. It will give you in-depth knowledge about all the latest washing machine technologies and features and help you with washing machine shopping.

Top 5 Best Front load Washing Machine in India

1. LG 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model – FH0FANDNL02
  • Colour – White
  • Capacity – 6Kg
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Energy Rating – 5 Star
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level – 54 dB Washing & Drying while 74 dB Spinning
  • 10 Wash Program, Child Lock, and In-built Heater.
  • Warranty – LG provides ten years warranty on its motor and two years on the washing machine.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ LG washing machine offers convenience as well as modern aesthetic appeal. It has 6 Motion Direct Drive, which combines six different wash motions. It gives you the combined experience of stepping, swing, rolling, tumble, scrubbing, and filtration. This LG front load washing machine acts tough on hard stains but gentle on clothes.

‣ LG uses Inverter Control Technology and Inverter Direct Drive motor in its front load washing machines. Here motor is directly connected to the drum; there is no concept of belt and pulley. Due to which it will give higher speed and performance with less wear and tear.

‣ The inbuilt heater will give you the facility of hot water wash. At the same time, the Spa Steam technology gives better washing performance. Its Tub Clean will enable you to clean your drum with a touch of a button. It will remove any detergent residues from the drum.

‣ Baby Care wash uses hot water to rinse detergent residue from clothes. It is perfect for newborns and also people suffering from allergies. While the Rinse Hold suspends your freshly washed clothes into water and leaves for some time before entering into spin mode. This machine has the feature of Auto Restart, and it will resume its cycle in case of a power cut.

‣ Its 100% waterproof Full touch control panel gives a seamless design and ease of access. You will get an energy-efficient 5-star operation.

‣ Smart diagnosis allows you can diagnose most of the problems by yourself. Also, you can download various wash programs on your smartphones for easy use with SmartThinQ NFC.

Pros -
  • Excellent safety features with silent motor so less operational noise.
  • Free Installation by LG
  • Waterproof touch control panel 
  • Built-In Heater, Child Lock, and also Quick 30
  • This is best washing machine in India under 25000 rupees.

Cons -

  • Have to bend more to insert and remove clothes (Property of Front Load)
  • Ideal for 2-4 members family not suitable for big families. 
LG front load washing machine demo

LG 7 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – FHT1207SWS
  • Colour – Steel 
  • Capacity – 7 kg (Ideal for 3-5 members family)
  • Energy Rating – 5 Star
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Noise Level – 54 dB Washing & Drying while 74 dB at spinning
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1200 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 Years comprehensive & 10 Years on Motor.
  • Special Features – LG uses six motion DD technology where there is no belt and pulley concept. It will give less vibration and noiseless operation. This washing machine supports Wi-Fi connectivity and a smart thingQ smartphone App, so you can smartly diagnosis all errors and operate it anywhere, anytime. It has 14 wash programs; you can also download 20 additional wash programs. You can delay your laundry from 3 to 19 hours while removing 99.9% of germs from clothes and sterilizing bacteria with allergy care. It will remember its cycle and resumes once power is back. Its chrome door, touch control panel, and steel body will give an aesthetic look and durability.
  • Pros – Auto Restart, Child Lock, Waterproof Touch Panel, Wi-Fi, LG SmartThinQ app connectivity, Less noise, Less vibration & the Wear and Tear.
  • Cons – Bit Costly

2. LG 8.0 kg Inverter Front Load Best Washing Machine in India

  • Model – FH2G6TDNL42
  • Colour – Silver
  • Capacity – 8 kg (ideal for families with five or more members indeed).
  • Material – Stainless Steel 
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1200 RPM
  • Noise Level – 54 dB Washing & Drying while 74 dB at spinning
  • Child Lock and In-built Heater.
  • Warranty – 2 Years on product plus ten years on the motor warranty.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ This front load washing machine has 6 Motion Direct Drive. It will wash your laundry with six different wash motions. For a powerful wash, it has stepping, filtration, and scrubbing. While for delicate wash, there is swing, tumble & rolling. It will give the best wash quality with proper fiber care.

‣ In Direct Drive Motor, there is no pulley and belt present, and the motor is directly attached to the drum. It is best for high spin speed with lesser vibration and noise.

‣ 100% waterproof full touch control panel gives a seamless as well as sleek design. In contrast, the touch control panel is angled to have maximum visibility of the panel.

‣ It has a Powerful Steam operation, which removes House Dust Mites, Pet Allergen, and Pollen from the clothes. It will smartly sense the fabric types and recommends the best wash cycle.

‣ Inverter Control will help save energy because it will consume only the exact power needed for every step. In build Heater gives you liberty with a hot water wash. This washing machine provides a wide range of temperature wash “Cold/20/30/40/60/95℃”. At the same time, Auto Restart resumes the machine cycle when the power is back.

‣ Rinse hold feature will remove any foul smell & detergent residue from the clothes. It will suspend your cloth into the water for some time; later, it moves to the spin cycle to remove the foul smell. In the Baby Care feature, the temperature reaches 95°C to remove enzymes, bacteria, and detergent residues.

‣ Pre Wash will take preliminary washes of your clothes to remove the toughest dirt as well as stains before starting the actual wash.

More Functional Features

‣ Tub Clean: Your washing machine accumulates fungus and toxic substances after some time. It uses hot steam with high spin speed to sterilize every corner of the tub.

‣ Smart Diagnosis System makes your life easier by detecting as well as resolving most of the issues. SmartThinQ app will give you hassle-free operation as well as saves support cost and time. LG provides many wash programs. You can download it on smartphones for easy use by SmartThinQ NFC.

Pros -

  • LG provides Free Installation of machine
  • Suitable for both delicate as well as heavy clothes.
  • Built-In Heater, so you will get a hot wash facility
  • Stainless steel body, so it is durable and rustproof.
  • Quick 30 & Child Lock
  • One of the best washing machine in India with 8kg capacity.

Cons -

  • No Cons Yet

Verdict – This LG Front-loader washing has most of the advanced features and comes at a reasonable price. It is the best front load washing machine with an 8KG capacity.


3. IFB 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model – DivaAqua SX
  • Colour – Silver
  • Capacity – 6 kg (ideal for couples and bachelors).
  • Material – (Body – Metal) & (Door – Plastic)
  • Water Supply – 0.3 Bar to 10 Bar
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 800 RPM
  • Noise Level – 54 dB Washing & Drying while 68 dB at spinning
  • Dimensions – 59.8 X 50.6 X 84.7cm 
  •  Weight – 62kg 
  • Warranty – It has four years warranty on the product as well as ten years on the motor.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ IFB (Indian Fine Blanks Ltd) provides a wide range of products & services in India. Its manufacturing units are in Bangalore, Kolkatta, and Verna(Goa). 

‣ Crescent Moon Drum has smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface. It forms a water cushion due to which prevents damage to fabrics.

‣ Air Bubble Wash System uses millions of air bubbles. Which go deep inside the fabric to tickle as well as remove stubborn dirt. Auto Balance System detects unbalanced clothes and then distributes them evenly.

‣ 15 Wash programs along with 2D Wash System gives liberty with the different wash cycles. It uses a water shower and jet spray in its wash & rinses cycle.  

‣ Aqua Energie system has a built-in device that energies the water. It will help to dissolve detergent better and gives cradle wash even with the hard water. Silk Special feature for Sari lovers, due to which you will feel extra care to your Sarees.

‣ Usually, in the front load washing machine, you can’t add laundry after the start of the washing cycle. But in this IFB washing machine has a laundry add function where you can add your missed laundry later.

‣ Foam control system identifies the excessive foam generation and then dilutes them for a better wash. Tub clean will keeps the machine always clean and maintain hygiene.  

‣ The High Low Voltage Protection will protect it from power fluctuations. Time Delay can schedule the wash cycle from 30 minutes to 24 hours later. 

Pros –
  • It has four years of product warranty, which is the highest among any front load washing machine.
  • Time Delay, Laundry Add, and Child Lock Feature
  • Silk Specials program specially design for Sari lovers.
  • Protective Rat Mesh at the bottom so worries free from rats.
  • It has a self-diagnosis feature with excellent after-sale support.
Cons –
  • Heavy Weight as compared to other brands.
  • Installation of the machine may take more time in some areas
  • No Spin speed control

Verdict – With its features and price, this is the best washing machine in India.


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IFB 8Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – Senator WXS
  • Colour – Silver
  • Capacity – 8 kg (Perfect for big families)
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1400 RPM
  • Noise Level – 56 dB while washing and 70 dB spinning
  • Warranty – 4 years on product, four years on motor
  • Special Features – 14 wash programs, ball valve technology, Tub Clean, Repeat Wash, Aqua energy water treatment, Air Bubble Wash, Crescent moon groove drum, 4D wash system, Laundry Add, Time Delay, Silk special, and Child Lock, white LED touch panel
  • Cons – Bit Heavy

IFB 8.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Executive Plus VX ID Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – Executive Plus VX ID
  • Colour – White
  • Capacity – 8.5 kg (Perfect for big Indian Family)
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Noise Level – Washing 48 dB while Spinning 64 dB
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1400 RPM
  • Warranty – 4 years on product, four years on motor
  • Special Features – This IFB washing machine gives Best Wash Quality along with Energy and Water Efficiency. It has 14 Wash Programs with nine swirl waves (9 unique drum movements), which provide you with thoroughly washed clothes. The aqua energy will energize the water to give efficient washing. While the ball valve technology and unbalance correction will help to balance the load and washing machine. Its anti-allergen feature will give hygiene wash for delicate and baby wears, and express wash will give a quick wash for less soiled clothes. The laundry adds option gives the liberty to add laundry later during the spin. It has a Protective Rat Mesh, which protects the machine from rats. It has a powerful 1400 watt inverter motor, which gives a higher spin with a faster drying time.
  • Pros – 4 years Warranty, nine unique drum movements, Protective Rat Mesh and Child Lock, Tub Clean, Unbalance Correction, High-Low Voltage, Foam detection, Self Diagnosis
  • Cons – Bit heavier than other similar products

4. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model – WAK24268IN
  • Colour – Grey
  • Capacity – 7 kg (Suitable for a family of 3-4 members).
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1200 RPM
  • Noise level – 54 dB while washing and 74dB while spinning
  • Child Lock and In-built Heater.
  • Warranty – You will get two years warranty on the product and ten years on the motor.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ BOSCH is a German brand for the world-class best washing machine in India. Their washing machines are robust and equipped with modern features.

‣ This front load washing machine has 12 wash programs. You can also delay the wash time up to 24 hours. Its Anti-Vibration Design produces less vibration as well as less noise.

‣ The Super 15’30’ minutes wash gives liberty to wash lightly stained garments quickly. The Variorum and Varioperfect function will gently treat the clothes. It also washes with 20% lesser energy.

‣ Eco Silence Drive Motor reduces friction to a greater extent and reduces power consumption & noise levels. The Speed Perfect & Speed Mode program reduces the wash time by up to 65%.

‣ Allergy Plus program removes lint and toxins from the clothes. It also has a Clean Drum feature, which will sterilize the drum. Active Water adjusts the water level by sensing the amount of load as well as fabric type.

‣ Volt Check will deal with power fluctuations and interruptions. It also has a Reload Function to open the door during the early wash cycle to add or remove extra clothes.

‣ PreWash can soak your clothes before the start of the actual wash cycle. You will get a Big Drum Inside, which gives the better movement of laundry.

‣ It has an in-built heater, which gives you liberty with a hot water wash. There is a unique water filter that can fit into various taps.

Pros –
  • It saves Water, time as well as energy
  • Allergy Plus, Drum Clean, and also Inbuilt heater
  • German Engineered
  • Free Installation from Bosch
  • Super 15’30’ minutes so quick wash feature
  • Child Lock
Cons –
  • Installation of the machine may take more time.
  • Difficult to operate if you are not so good technically.

5.Samsung Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model – WW80J4243MW
  • Colour – White
  • Capacity – 8 kg (Suitable for a family of 5 plus members).
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1200 RPM
  • Noise level – 51 dB while washing and 61dB while spinning
  • Child Lock and In-built Heater.
  • Warranty – You will get three years warranty on the product and ten years on the motor.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ Samsung is a South Korean company that provides a wide range of home and kitchen appliances. Samsung uses a diamond drum in its best front load washing machine. Here the drum holes are significantly smaller than the traditional drums. These holes are deeply located inside and also making a diamond-shaped depression. It makes soft edges inside the drum, due to which it will not damage your clothes. You will also experience the best wash Quality along with Energy & Water Efficiency.

‣ In Digital Inverter Technology Instead of the fixed speed motor, it uses a digital Inverter motor. This motor will adjust its speed as per the wash load and also give you an energy-efficient wash. Volt Control can work fine even with high levels of shock and low voltage deviations up to +- 25%. Ceramic heaters enhance the life of the heater and also prevents the build-up of any calcium compound.

‣ It has 15,30 min Quick Wash for your lightly soiled clothes when you are so busy. It has a 100 % waterproof Full touch control panel with touch buttons along with a comprehensive display. Silver wash uses the natural power of ionic silver to clean clothes and reduces bacteria.

Pros –

  • 15,30 min Quick wash
  • It helps to save water, time as well as energy
  • Excellent safety features
  • Free Installation from Samsung
  • Touch button and wide display as well as a waterproof touch control panel

Cons –

  • You need to bend more to insert as well as to remove clothes (Property of Front Load)
  • You can not add extra wash during the wash cycle

Samsung 6.0 Kg Fully-Automatic 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – WW60R20GLMA/TL
  • Color – Da White
  • Capacity – 6 kg
  • Material – Plastic
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level – It will give 49 dB while washing & drying while 61 dB during spinning.
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, ten years on motor
  • Special Features – Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets and gives more powerful and quiet operation. It will give a powerful Hygiene steam cycle, which improves the cleaning. Its diamond drum is soft on fabric and prevents it from damage. The Ceramic Heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposits. Excellent after-sale support
  • Pros – Child Lock, Delay End, Quick Wash, Gives energy efficient wash, Inbuilt ceramic heater, Hexa Storm pulsator, Best Washing Machine in India under 25000.
  • Cons – Only three wash programs

Note: Here, we have given you a list of the five best front load washing machines. If you are still not satisfied with this list and want to explore more Front-load washing machines, please check our dedicated article on Front Load Washing Machines.

Top 10 Best Front load washing machine

Top 5 Best Top Load washing machine in India

6. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Top load Washing Machine

  • Model – T7281NDDLG
  • Colour – Middle Free Silver
  • Capacity – 6.2 kg 
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 700 RPM
  • Noise Level – 48 dB while Washing and Drying also 74 dB during Spinning
  • Material – Stainless Steel drum 
  • Warranty – 2 years on the product as well as ten years on the motor. 

Special Features & Specifications

‣ LG top load washing machines are known for their powerful performance as well as robust design. Its smart inverter motor adjusts its energy consumption to an optimum level as per the power requirement. The BMC motor protects it entirely from dust, insects, and humidity. This motor is waterproof, corrosion-free as well as durable. It will save up to 36% of energy.

‣ Its turbo drum gives the most powerful performance and removes the toughest dirt through its strong water stream. Inverter Control adjusts its energy consumption as per the required power.

‣ The Side Waterfall mixes detergent with water effectively so that it minimizes the detergent residue after wash. Its Auto Pre Wash helps to clean heavy stains with a touch of a button.

‣ Fuzzy Logic selects the most appropriate wash condition by sensing the wash load. With Quick Wash, you can wash your lightly soiled clothes quickly. But you can only wash up to 2kg of load under quick wash. Punch + 3 helps to create a water stream for uniform washing.

‣ Tub Clean feature sterilizes both inner as well as outer tub to remove any unpleasant odors. Its Smart Cleaning will also remove up to 99.9% of detergent even if we put more detergent.

‣ Delay Wash allows delaying washing up to 3~18 hours. You can save your customized program as your favorite so that you can use it later. The machine will resume its cycle once the power is back.

‣ It has Smart Closing as well as a wide diamond glass door. It takes its own time while closing the lid, so it prevents any injury. It has a child lock that locks all the keys, so worry-free from your little one interference.

Pros –
  • Three smart motion and Child lock
  • Excellent safety features
  • Free Installation by LG
  • Suitable for both heavy as well as delicate clothes.
  • You can download wash programs onto smartphones for easy use by SmartThinQ NFC.
Cons –
  • It doesn’t have an inbuilt Heater, so no hot water wash.
  • No moving legs at the bottom of the machine.

Verdict – This LG top load washing machine has various features and provides best in class efficiency. As per our research, this is the best washing machine in India.


LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Top Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – T70SJSF1Z
  • Color – Mfs
  • Capacity – 7 kg
  • Material – Steel
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 780 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, ten years on motor
  • Special Features – Smart Inverter Technology, Jet Spray+, Smart Closing Door, Smart Diagnosis, Punch+ 3 Pulsator, Fuzzy Logic Control, Digital Display, 3 step wash, Air Dry, Turbo Soak, Child Lock, Auto Balance System

7. IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Best Washing Machine

  • Model – TL-RCG/RCSG Aqua
  • Color – Grey
  • Capacity – 6.5 kg 
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 720 RPM
  • Noise Level – 75 dB while Spinning
  • 8 Wash programs, 3D Wash System and also ten water level
  • Warranty – 4 years on product, four years on motor, which is the highest among all brands.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ IFB washing machine has Aqua Spa Therapy and Aqua Energie water softener. It gives Best Wash Quality along with Energy and Water Efficiency.

‣ It comes with 8 Wash programs and a 3D Wash System. The 3D wash system uses a dynamic water system that soaks your clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash. It has a unique water Inlet to select hot, warm, and cold water.

‣ Its Deep Clean with Triadic pulsator Cleaning Engine makes your clothes sparkle. Also, its Soft scrub pads will gently remove stubborn dirt. It has a steel inner tub, which extends its durability.

‣ Crescent Moon Drum surface has smooth crescent moon grooves, which creates a gentle water cushion. It will prevent damaging your clothes; it has inbuilt smart sensors that smartly sense the laundry load, and based on that, it will adjust its settings.

‣ The Bubble Leveler will balances the machine and reduces the vibrations. There is an option for Auto bleach for dispensing the liquid bleach. It also has an Auto softener for adding softener for clothes.

‣ The large LED display gives ease of access and also complements its looks. There is also a Drum Lamp, which offers better visibility inside the drum.

‣ The Lint filter will collect fabric residue as well as lint. Its Express wash will wash your lightly soiled clothes like gym wear quickly. For sensitive skins, there is a Hygiene Plus wash. There are also Tub Clean, Tub Dry, and Air Dry features. With the Time Delay feature, you can schedule your wash.

‣ This washing machine can work even in wide voltage fluctuations. Its Program Memory Backup feature will resume its cycle at power backup.

Pros –
  • Four years warranty as compared to other brands, it is the highest.
  • Drum Lamp so better visibility of the drum
  • Express wash, so get a quick wash
  • We recommend it as the best washing machine in India at this price.
Cons –
  • Installation of the machine will take more than usual time in some areas
  • A bit pricey for this range
  • Slightly heavier than the other washing machines

Verdict – This IFB top load washing has most of the advanced features at this price. It is the best top load washing machine in India with all these features.


8. Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Load Washing Machine

  • Model – WOE654Y0IN
  • Colour – Grey
  • Capacity – 6.5 kg perfect for a family of 3-4 members
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 680 RPM
  • Noise Level – 49 dB at Washing & Drying while 65 dB during Spinning
  • Warranty – 2 years on the product as well as ten years warranty on its motor.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ This Bosch top load washing machine comes with an intelligent power wave wash system. The power wave wash combines the specially designed pulsator, dynamic water flow system, and intelligent drum movement.

‣ There are eight wash programs like Daily Wash, Quick Wash, Bed-sheets, Delicate, Jeans, Refresh, Intensive, and Drum drying. It has a stainless steel tub. It can even work with low water pressure up to 0.3 bar.

‣ The LED digital display indicates the Remaining Time as well as Delay Start status. Intelligent Wave Drum Movement gives a uniform washing experience. With its Delay Start, you can schedule the wash cycle anytime within 24 hrs.

‣ Child Lock feature will lock its keys so your kid cannot change them. It has a see-through soft closing toughened glass lid, so it protects your hands from unexpected injury. Its control panel has six color options to suit your home interior.

‣ The magic filter will gather lint and fluff, so your laundry remains always clean. The one-Touch start button will choose the appropriate program based on the laundry load. The tub will automatically stop if you open the lid during operation.

‣ It has Power-off Memory, so it resumes the washing cycle even during a power failure. A Buzzer at the end of the wash cycle lets you know the end of the wash cycle.

‣ Dual Dispenser so you can place for liquid as well as powder detergents. Tub clean, maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the tub, as well as prevent mold build-up.

Pros –
  • German Engineered
  • Child Lock and Magic Filter
  • Power Wave wash system
  • Eight distinct wash programs and also 8 Water levels for washes
  • It is the best washing machine in India by Bosch.
Cons –
  • The water drain outlet pipe is a bit short as compared to other brands.
  • Better support is available in metro cities than in small towns.

9. LG 8 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

  • Model – T9077NEDL1
  • Colour – Free Silver
  • Capacity – 8 kg perfect for a family of 4-5 members
  • Stainless Steel tub
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 720 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 years on machine and also ten years on motor.

Special Features & Specifications

‣ LG top load washing machine has smart inverter technology and turbo drum. It has a smart inverter motor that is completely protected from dust, insects as well as humidity. The motor is waterproof, so it doesn’t rust. On average, it also saves around 70 liters of water and up to 40% of electricity. It is perfect for a family of 4 plus members and is the best top load washing machine.

‣ This washing machine has an ​in-built jet spray plus along with powerful water spray. It removes dirt as well as any excess detergent with its powerful water spray.

‣ The Smart Closing Wide Diamond Glassdoor takes time to close, so it prevents accidental injury. The Delay program gives the facility to delay the laundry up to 3-18 hours.

‣ Tub clean feature will sterilize both inner as well as outer tub. Its unique program, like Smart Cleaning, will remove 99.9% of detergent even you have added extra detergent. The machine will resume its cycle once power restores.

‣ Its Punch + 3 feature helps to fight severe strains. The Auto Pre Wash provides a facility to remove tough stains without using your hand.

‣ With Quick Wash, you can wash up to 2kg of your lightly soiled clothes quickly. The most advance Fuzzy logic feature automatically detects the wash load and recommends the most suitable program. You can also save your customized program for later use.

‣ Side Waterfall feature mixes detergent with water effectively, so it minimizes detergent residue. SmartThinQ allows you to connect the machine to the smartphone to download wash programs and diagnose most of its problems yourself.

Pros –
  • It helps to save up to 70L of water as well as up to 40% of energy.
  • Jet Spray + (powerful water spray to wash off all the dirt as well as excess detergent.)
  • Child lock & Silent Motor
  • Installation is Free by LG
  • Ideal for washing delicate as well as heavy clothes
Cons –
  • No Inbuilt Heater
  • No moving legs at the bottom of the machine, so It requires a wheeled stand to shift.
  • Bit pricey, you can get a front load washing machine at this price.

10. Whirlpool 7 kg / 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

  • Colour – Wine Red
  • Capacity – Two sizes 7 kg as well as 7.5kg
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 740 RPM
  • 12 wash programs, Steel Drum, and 5-star energy rating
  • Warranty – 2 years on product and ten years motor. 

Special Features & Specifications

‣ Whirlpool top load washing machine comes with 6TH Sense 123 Technology. It senses Auto distribution, Auto tub clean, laundry Load, dry tap, water pressure, detergent dosages, and voltage. It gives less operational noise and also the best Wash Quality.

‣ The Power Scrub Technology creates superior agitations, so it helps to remove the toughest dirt. It has 12 wash programs, which give you the liberty to choose your laundry. The Wine Red color gives it a premium look. 

‣ Dynamix Technology will leave zero detergent residue even at low water pressure. In contrast, ZPF Technology will help fill the tub 50% faster, even at low water pressure. It has a special Hard Water wash mode. The Smart Lint Filter helps to remove lint accumulated during the wash. 

‣ SPA Wash system gives a perfect wash with 40% less tangling due to its prime move and drum combination. It has 50% lesser holes than an ordinary wash drum, so it reduces lint generation. This washing machine comes in two sizes, either 7kg or 7.5kg capacity, it is perfect for 3-5 members. 

‣ Express Wash will reduce the wash time by 50% for less soiled clothes. Smart Detergent Recommendation senses the laundry load, so recommends the detergent dosage. It also has a Digital Display as well as Delay Start Feature.

‣ Smart Sensors sense the low voltage as well as low water conditions. You can Connect to the Whirlpool call center and also visit the whirlpool website for more details.

Pros –
  • Free Installation by whirlpool.
  • Power Dry for best drying result
  • Hard Water Wash and also Child Lock
  • Power Scrub Technology
Cons –
  • No Inbuilt Heater
  • No moving legs at the bottom of the machine, so It requires a wheeled stand to shift.

11. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Top Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – NA-F60LF1HRB
  • Color – Grey
  • Capacity – 6 kg
  • Material – Steel
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 680 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, ten years on motor
  • Special Features – It has 8 Wash Programs with One Touch Wash to decide load weight and water. The Water Magic Flow will produce fewer tangles to clothes while Air dry will effectively dry the clothes. Its Magic Filter will trap all dust and fabric residues. There is unique FUZZY Logic that will select the water level as per the load, while Power Off Memory will resume the wash cycle in case of power failure. This top load washing machine has a steel drum with a durable body.
  • Pros – BEE 5 star saves electricity, Comes at a very reasonable price
  • Cons – No Child Lock

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

  • Model No – WA65A4002VS
  • Capacity – 6.5 kg
  • Material – Steel
  • Rotation Speed – Up to 680 RPM
  • Noise Level – 51 dB
  • Warranty – 2 years on product, two years on motor
  • Special Features – air turbo, auto restart, child lock, magic filter, tempered glass window, diamond drum so gives Gentle Fabric Care, 5 Water levels, 6 Wash Cycles, Eco Tub Clean keeps your machine fresh without using any chemical, Child lock keeps your washing machine safe from children activities, Quick Wash for a busy day, Delicate wash gentle on your clothes,
  • Pros – 5 water level and six wash cycles, Child Lock, Comes at a very reasonable price
  • Cons – Inlet and outlet pipes are small.

Note: Here, we have discussed some of the best front load and top load washing machines. If you are looking for a semi-automatic washing machine, then please visit our article.

Top 6 Best Semi Automatic washing machine

Buying Guide - Best Washing Machine in India

Whenever you plan to buy a washing machine, make sure to check capacity, storage space & price. You should also check the amount of noise emitted while washing, the cold and hot water connections, child lock function, and many more. If you find a washing machine with all these qualities, that would be Best and Perfect Washing Machine.

We will discuss all these factors in detail, and you can also refer to our article Washing Machine Buyers Guide for more information.

Consider the following while shopping for a washing machine in India.

  • Choose a washing machine that matches your lifestyle. If you have a bigger family, then buy a washing machine with a high-capacity drum.
  • Check for the BEE energy star rating. The more the star, the more water and energy-efficient the washing machine will be. An efficient appliance will save you money in the long run, and also, it is better for the environment.
  • Consider the layout of your home while choosing a washing machine. A top-load machine will take less time than a semi-automatic washing machine. Simultaneously, a front load washing machine will need some extra space for loading and unloading clothes. 

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Video Guide - How to choose the Best Washing Machine in India?

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Types of Washing Machine

Based on the structure, the loading and unloading of clothes, a washing machine is mainly two types. Front Load Washing Machine and Top Load Washing machine. While as per functionality, a washing machine is either a fully automatic or a Semi-Automatic washing machine

The best Front Load washing machine will be more energy as well as water-efficient. You will experience better cleaning with fewer damages to the cloth. You can also place more clothes than a top load washing machine because there is no agitator in the center. While if you are suffering from back pain, then a top load washing machine is perfect. If there is no continuous water supply, then you should choose a semi-automatic washing machine. The best semi-automatic washing machine will cost you less, but it requires more manual effort. While a fully automatic washing machine will cost you more, it will take care of everything else.

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic or Front Load vs. Top Load, Which washing machine should we buy?

Fully Automatic Washing MachineSemi Automatic Washing Machine
No manual work so saves lot of timeMore manual work
Uses more water and electricityNeed less water and electricty
Requires less space as it has single unit for washer and dryer.Requires more space as it has separate unit for washer and dryer.
It will perform Wash, Drain and rinse automaticallyHave to manually shift the clothes from washer to dryer
Can't remove or add clothes in mid cycleCan add or remove clothes during washing.
It has more wash programsMaximum 3 wash programs
It requires continuous water supply You can fill these with help of bucket
Need professional installationNo installation Required
Equipped with advanced features like child lock, in built heaters, fuzzy logic, quick wash and many more.No Advance features available
These are costly and price ranges from 14000 to 6000 rupees.These are cheaper and price ranges from 6000 to 15000 rupees

Comparison - Top Loader Vs Front Loader

 Front Loader Washing machineTop loader Washing Machine
CostHigh Initial CostLess Initial Cost
Water & Energy EfficientMoreLess
CleaningBetter CleaningAverage Cleaning
Fabric CareGentle on Clothes - Less Damage to clothesHarsher on clothes - More Damage to Cloths
Wash CycleLonger Wash CycleShorter Wash Cycle
Cloth LoadingNeed to bend to loading and unloading of clothesNo need to bend - Perfect for people suffering from back pain
FeaturesMore Wash Cycle and FeaturesLess Wash Cycle and Features
CapacityLarger Capacity, can load more clothesLess capacity due to agitator and impeller
MaintenanceRequires less maintenanceMore - Because agitator is tougher on machine hardware.
Noise and VibrationLess Vibration and NoiseMore Vibration and Noise
User FriendlyMore complicated FeaturesEasier to Use
Installation Can be installed inside cabinets and its top can be utilized as bench topCant be installed inside cabinet as you need to open the lid.
Smell and MouldAcquire more mould and smell in its door rubberLess chances of mould and smell
Spin SpeedRuns almost 33% faster spin speedNormal Spin Speed
VerdictInitial investment but due to features and efficiency it is best buyIf you are tight on budget then you should consider this

Overview of Front Load Washing Machine

‣ As the name defines, in a front load washing machine, the drum aligns horizontally. 

‣ It uses a water jet and sprays a water droplet during drum rotation. Hence, it consumes less water than the top load washing machine. It is one of the most significant advantages of the best front load washing machine. 

‣ Front loader machines have higher load capacity because it doesn’t contain an agitator. The motor is just behind the loading area and leaves maximum space for clothes.

‣ The only concern is its price; they are expensive than a top load washing machine. But due to their energy and water efficiency, front load washing machines are a good buy and will save more money in the long run.

Advantages of Front Load Washing Machine
  • Water as well as Energy Efficient.
  • Excellent wash Quality, ideal for all types of clothes.
  • Compact in size takes less space.
  • More wash programs, as well as different temperature options.
  • Very gentle on clothes 
  • Fully Automatic operation 
Disadvantages of Front Load Washing Machine
  • A bit pricey than other washing machines
  • Usually Heavier (challenging to move around)
  • It needs a constant water supply.
  • Can’t add/remove wash during the mid wash cycle
  • It requires Professional Installation.
  • It has Longer Wash Cycles.

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Overview of Top Load Washing Machine

‣ As the name defines, the drum is vertical in a top load washing machine. Its motor is just beneath its drum.

‣ The top loader washing machine needs enough water to cover all the clothes. Hence, it consumes more water than the front loader machines. It takes almost more than twice the amount of water t than the front loader. Also, it requires more water to rinse the clothes.

‣ The agitator twist and turns the clothes in different directions than a front loader. So clothes are getting more entangled and damage the fabric.

‣ Top loader machines are cheaper than a front loader, so it is popular among Indian homes.

Overview of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

‣ A semi-automatic washing machine has manual controls and also requires human effort. 

‣ It has two separate tubs for the washer and dryer. However, single tub semi-automatic machines are also available. You need to shift clothes from washer to dryer. 

‣ It is an entry-level washing machine, so cheaper than fully automatic.

‣ You have to add water either by tap or by a bucket. After the wash, you also have to add water to the rinse. Later you need to drain the water and then shift clothes to the dryer.

Please read our dedicated article Top 6 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in India if you are looking for semi-automatic washing machines. It has a detailed description of semi-automatic washing machines.

How we picked our best washing machine in India?

Today the market is flooded with many washing machine brands as well as their models. If we take a rough estimate, at least 20+ brands and their thousands of models are available. It is often confusing to choose the washing machine with this vast number of options available. We spent more than 100 hours researching these brands and their models available in the market. We filtered a list of the top 6 best washing machine brands in India based on initial research. After comparing their features, price, service centers, and customer reviews, we have consolidated this list into India’s top 14 best washing machines. 

The average life expectancy for washing machines is around ten years. So it is like a long-term investment that involves some serious thought. We also continually keep an eye on the latest entry and updating this list of the washing machines. 

How to decide the Washing Machine Capacity?

Washing machine capacity is defined in kilogram, which is the kg weight of clothes per load. It is the measure of the amount of laundry you can wash per cycle. It depends on the number of members in the family as well as the washing frequency. A washing machine varies from a capacity of 5kgs to 13kgs. The most popular size range is from 6 kg to 8kg. 

But when it comes to capacity, bigger is not always better. A washing machine with a higher capacity can wash more load but consumes more water and energy. Simultaneously, a washing machine with a lower capacity will save money but doesn’t wash a sufficient load. The below table will give you an idea about washing machine capacity.

Washing Machine Capacity:

CapacityNumber of ClothesIdeal Family size
6kg - 6.5kg1 bed sheet
2 shirts
2 jeans
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Bachelors and Couple
7kg3 shirts
3 jeans
1 bed sheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Ideal for 3-4 Members Family
8kg4 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
3 small towels
3 pillowcases
Ideal for 4-5 Members Family
10kg and more3 shirts
3 jeans
2 bedsheet
6 small towels
6 pillowcases
Big Indian family with 5 plus members.

Video - Bosch VarioDrum Cares your clothes

Vario Drum in Washing Machine

Drum/Tub Material and Technologies

Drum material can impact the longevity and performance of a washing machine. A better drum will not only extend the life of the washing machine but also improves washing performance. Also, it will not damage your clothes. 

There are mainly three drum material types, namely porcelain-coated steel, plastic, and also stainless steel.

  • Porcelain-coated steel tubs are good, but they are prone to breaking with prolonged use. It will reduce the lifespan of the washing machine.
  • The plastic tub has a longer lifespan than porcelain tubs as they are incredibly durable. It will be last for the lifetime of the machine.
  • Stainless steel drums and tubs are the most durable and offer the best performance. They will be gentle on clothes and gives efficient washing. 

The high-end washing machines are using stainless steel in their drum. But many brands have come up with some innovative designs and technologies in their drum. If you look for Samsung, they are using diamond drum technology. In it, the drum holes are located deep inside and making a diamond-shaped depression. These holes are 25% smaller than traditional drums. It will prevent any damages to the clothes and gives better washing.

Bosch also uses VairoDrum technologies in their washing machine. When the drum spins in one direction, then the other side of the flat paddle engaged in cleaning clothes, while when it spins in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle cleans the clothes. It will give excellent washing and prevents any damages to your clothes. 

Washing Machine price in India 

Among many factors, the price is the most influencing one, and we always look for the best washing machine in India within our budget range. On average, a good washing machine price in India is around 15000 to 40000. As per the study, washing machine shopping is inspired by many factors such as –

  • Price: 42%
  • Energy efficiency: 34%
  • Special features: 8%
  • Design/appearance: 8%

As you can see, it’s all about finding the right balance between efficiency as well as value for money. If you are specifically looking for washing machines per price, please read our article budget washing machine.

Auto Dispensing options

Many of us are confused about how much detergent and softener we should use per wash. Although it varies from load to load, we use a definite amount of washing liquid every time. Washing detergent and liquids directly affect the washing quality of clothes. If you are using less detergent, then it will not wash your clothes properly. While if you use more detergent, it will take more water to rinse and sometimes leave detergent residues on clothes. 

In the modern washing machine, you will find Auto Dispensing options for detergents and softeners. This advanced technology will determine the amount of detergent as per the water’s laundry load and hardness. You only need to put detergent and softener in their compartment, and the washing machine will decide how much it requires for that load. It will help you reduce the amount of water and detergent and gives perfect washing every time.

RPM (Revolution Per Minute) is the power by which the drum rotates per minute. The higher RPM enables faster drying and gives better performance.

Anti-vibration design and noise reduction

Like any other appliance, washing machines also make some noise during operation. But we always want our washing machine to produce less noise as low as possible, the unit of the Noise level in decibels (dB). The higher the decibels, the more noisy the machine will be. However, anything under 50 dB will be less noisy. Whenever you buy any washing machine, you should consider noise level, anti-vibration, and brushless design. 

A washing machine with anti-vibration technology will help to reduce vibration and noise during operation. Samsung offers VRT+ technology in their washing machine, which is very useful in reducing noise levels. While in the Bosch washing machine, there is anti-vibration technology to reduce noise and vibration. Also, the inverter motor produces lesser sound because it will adjust its speed as per the load.

Storage Space

While buying the washing machine, space is also one of the crucial factors. You should consider where to store the machine, how much space it will need? It should be convenient while opening the door; there must be enough space to load and unload clothes. 

There must be access to the necessary electricity, water, or gas point. If your washing machine needs a hot water inlet, then it should be easy to fix. A front loader washing machine can also be utilized as a bench-top and fit inside the kitchen cabinet. There must be space for soap, bleach, fabric softener, and laundry liquids.

After-sale services and warranty

Check for company profile, local service center, smartphone apps, and call center before buying the washing machine. The more extended warranty will give you a more hassle-free service.

Washing Machine Cleaning Guide

A washing machine cleans our clothes, but it is also necessary to clean them regularly. With time, there are chances of accumulation of mold and dirt inside the washing machine. It will be there for a long time and results in the rusting of the washing machine. These rusts will make your clothes dirty, so we need to clean them regularly. There are rubbers and sealing in the Front loader washing machines to avoid any seepage. After some time, this rubber will acquire moisture and form mold and bacteria. These bacteria will give a foul odor to your clothes. 

How to maintain cleanliness in the washing machine

‣ Remove clean clothes as soon as the wash cycle finishes. After removing the clothes, you should leave the door or lid open for some time. It will circulate the fresh air inside the drum and dries the drum. Due to this, there are no changes in awful smell and mold or bacteria generation. 

‣ Clean your machine regularly with some vinegar, liquid bleach, or some good cleaners. If your washing machine has a unique drum clean cycle, you should run it once a month. Regular running of this cycle will help reduce any mold and bacteria generation and remove any foul smell. 

‣ Check for inlet hose filters regularly for any blockage. Sometimes, there may be minerals and debris in washing machine hoses to stop water from getting inside the machine. It will decrease the water pressure, which ultimately results in poor washing. 

‣ It is advisable to wipe out the washing machine exterior after each wash with soft clothes. It will ensure that there is no detergent residue present on the body. In the long run, it will help extend the machine’s life and prevents it from rusting. 

‣ If there are pets in your house and they shed hairs, then you should remove any hair residue inside the drum. For this, let your machine dry and then use any vacuum cleaner to suck those hairs. 

‣ Regularly clean your detergent dispensers to stop the generation of any bacteria inside the machine. 

‣ Last but not least, buy an anti-rust spay and apply if you find any rust outside the body of the washing machine. You can purchase anti-rust spray from Amazon here.

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

Today the market is full of washing machine brands, but six leading brands cover almost 80% market share. LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, IFB, BOSCH, and Godrej are the market leader.

LG – Lg is the leading manufacturer of televisions, refrigerators, air conditioning, and washing machines. It is a South Korean company and is also popular in the Indian market. 

Whirlpool – Whirlpool is a well-known and famous brand among Indian homes. It is based in the United States and has manufacturing units at Faridabad, Pondicherry, and Pune. 

They are famous for their fridge but also provide better washing machines. You will find a whirlpool fridge and washing in most houses in India. 

IFB – IFB is an Indian-based brand manufacturing world-class home and kitchen appliances. They provide some of the best in class front load as well as top loader washing machines. Despite being an Indian brand, it gives tough competition to international brands like Bosch, LG, and Samsung.

Along with washing machines, IFB also provides geysers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more. IFB also includes air conditioners with air purifying capabilities. 

Samsung – Samsung is also a South Korean company famous for electrical and electronic appliances. They are providing best-in-class mobile phones and even home appliances. Along with washing machines, Samsung also provides laptops, Smart TVs, air conditioners

Bosch – It is a German brand. Their washing machines are durable and equipped with advanced features. Their front loader washing machines have more wash programs and features. 

If you are strict on a budget, then please check out Budget Washing Machine. It has a list of 10 budget-friendly best washing machines in India.

What is hard water, and how should we treat hard water for laundry?

When water flows over certain rocks and travels, it accumulates some of the natural and harmless minerals. This mineral-rich water is nothing but hard water. It is safer to drink, wash as well the bath with hard water. But while washing laundry with hard water, it may leave some mineral residues(timescales) after the wash. By the time these residues build up around the taps, washing machine surfaces, etc. Sometimes these residues are also found on your clothes as a whitish stain. The detergent is not effectively dissolved in the hard water hard and doesn’t generate enough lather. Many washing machines have an inbuilt facility for treating hard water. IFB washing machines have Aqua Energie technology, which converts hard water to soft water. 

Although we can wash in hard water, you should treat the hard water to extend the machine’s durability. There are some best practices to follow while washing with hard water.

  • Use a high-quality laundry liquid and detergents while washing. You can buy Laundry Liquid from Amazon here
  • Use a water softener while washing. You can find water softener either in liquid form or in tablet form. You need to add a water softener in the detergent drawer before adding detergent. You can shop for water softener from Amazon here.
  • Hard water needs some extra detergent doses so that there will be proper lather. 
  • Install a water filter that can filter out the minerals.

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Popular Washing Machine Technologies

Inverter Technology

It saves energy because it only consumes the required amount of power needed for each operation. While in the conventional washing machine, the motor runs at high speed even during variable load. Inverter motors can adjust the speed, make less noise, less vibration, and be durable and give a long-lasting performance. There is no belt as well as pulley involved in its design.

Direct drive technology

The conventional washing machines have a belt, pulley as well as gears attached to the motor. While in the direct-drive machines, it doesn’t require a belt, pulley, and gear. The motor itself is attached to the drum and rotates it. Due to this design, it will give less noise as well as reduces friction. It extends the life of the motor and gives you a peaceful operation.

6-motion Direct drive

Here washing machine washes your clothes by a combination of 6 different wash motions. For the powerful wash, it uses filtration, stepping as well as scrubbing. While for delicate wash, it uses tumbles, swings, as well as rolling. It will give you extra care for clothes as well as keeps them ultra-clean.

Soaking Technology

It is one of the popular features among various washing machines. You can achieve the soaking feature with the touch of a button. In the Samsung washing machine, there is Bubble Soak technology, which can eliminate the dirt by bubble soaking. It will give gentle care to fabrics and also increases the life of your clothes. Whirlpool also has Super Soak technology for removing the most severe strain.

Special Wash Programs 

Every washing machine has some defined wash programs which provide you with liberty with different wash cycles. A front-load washing machine has more wash cycles than a top load washing machine. Generally, a semi-automatic washing machine has only three wash cycles like Gentle, regular, and strong. 

Quick Wash – Most of the fully automatic washing machine has the facility of quick wash. It is suitable for lightly soiled clothes. You can wash your clothes within 15 or 30 minutes based on the cycle. But the only constraint is that you can wash only 2-3 kg of clothes in one cycle. 

Daily Wash – It is for washing regular wear clothes like shirts, pants, undergarments. It takes less time and consumes less water for washing. 

Cotton is for lightly soiled cotton, bed linen, table linen, underwear, towels, shirts, etc. It is the most preferred cycle and similar to the daily wash cycle. 

Pre Soak – This is perfect for heavily soiled clothes, where the clothes are suspended and left for pre-wash treatment. It first agitates the clothes thoroughly before starting the regular wash cycle. 

Baby Care – It will use hot water and uses extra rinse cycles to remove detergent residues. It is perfect for sensitive skins and babywear. 

Special Features in Washing Machine

There are also some unique features which you should look for before buying a washing machine. These features will give extra liberty while washing.

  • Child lock will allow you to lock the buttons on the washing machine’s control panel. So that a child can’t change the setting while they are playing with it.
  • Spin Speed will measure the washing machine’s power to clean your clothes fast and effectively. It is calculated as revolutions per minute or rpm. The higher RPM means the quicker rotation.
  • Time Delay so you can schedule the washing cycle up to 24 hours as per convenience.
  • The in-Built heater in fully automatic washing machines provides a facility of hot wash. It has in-built heaters which increase the water temperature for washing. Hot water helps to remove old stains as well as tough dirt. In the conventional washing machine, there is a standard water heater. It accumulates calcium compounds around the heater. At the same time, Samsung has ceramic heaters that prevent calcium buildup around the heater. It will extend the life of the heater as well as gives you a perfect wash.
  • Bubble Wash Feature gives a perfect wash even at lower water temperatures. It can work correctly for cold water up to 15°C, saving a lot of energy. It creates millions of bubbles, which activate the detergent and penetrate the fabrics to remove dirt easily. The bubble penetrates the fabrics and cleans the clothes efficiently without harming your clothes.

Smart Technologies in Washing Machine

Nowadays, Washing machines have also become smarter like a refrigerator, smart television and so on. You have many washing machines that you can control by using your smartphone. You will find NFC (Near Field Communication) tags and SmartThinQ mobile app in the LG washing machine. It enables smart diagnosis and monitoring of the washing machine. Similarly, Samsung, Bosch, and IFB also provide apps to control your washing machine remotely. 

These apps allow you to customize washing machine cycles and will enable you to troubleshoot any errors. 

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FAQ – Best Washing Machine in India

1. Top loading washing machine or front loading washing machine?

Both are equally good, and it depends from person to person. 

Front Loader Washing Machine

  • Water and Energy Efficient. But they are more expensive. 
  • It cleans clothes better as well as less damage to clothes.
  • Less Noise During Spin Cycle
  • Cant add last-minute laundry.
  • Cleans better

Top Loader Washing Machine

  • Less Expensive as well as space friendly
  • Top loading washing machines are more convenient to use as you do not have to bend to load and unload clothes.

2. Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic washing machine? 

Semi-Automatic washing is almost like a manual washing machine. You can only consider this if you are low on budget and have no water connection available. You can fill a semi-automatic washing machine with both buckets as well by tap. Apart from these, the fully automatic washing machine is always a preferable choice. It is a one-time investment, but it will give you a lesser running cost.

3. Is water pressure mandatory for a fully automatic washing machine?

Yes, it is necessary, although some models can run on low water pressure. Low water pressure can damage your washing machine in the long run. If there is a low water pressure supply from the municipality, you should install a water pump. The water pump or boring will provide optimum water pressure for the washing machine.

Please read this article to check the home Tap water pressure.

  1. Factors to consider before buying a washing machine?

One should consider capacity, types, space, brand, and budget before buying a washing machine. 

5. Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top loaders?

There is either an agitator or pulsator system in the top loader washing machine, while the front loader uses a tumbler washing system. Tumbler washing systems are expensive to manufacture than the pulsator system. There are also more features in a front loader than the top loader.

6. Where should we install a washing machine, either in a bathroom or another place?

It is always advisable to protect the washing machine from Sunlight and humid places. The washing machine usually uses plastic and metal for its body. It also has electrical motors and a circuit board. However, most washing machine circuits are waterproof. Water splashes can rust the metal as well as be risky for electrical parts. It is always good to install a washing machine outside of the bathroom in a dry area. 

7. Washing Machine Powder vs. Liquid detergent Which is better?

Both are equally efficient, although it is always preferred to use laundry liquid. Liquids are easily soluble in water as well as it doesn’t harm your machine. But when you want to wash heavily soiled and old stubborn stains, you should prefer detergent powder. 

8. Why my machine generates a lot of noise as well as vibration during the spin cycle?

Sometimes your washing is not leveled correctly. In that case, it will make noise and vibration, and its door seems to move a bit. You can check your washing machine level and try to redistribute the load to ensure an even balance. Watch this video for a better understanding of the leveling.

  1. How much detergent should we use for each load?

The detergent quantity depends upon the hardness of water as well as the soils in clothes. Usually, hard water needs more detergent than soft water. It is also advisable not to use much detergent because it will leave soap traces after the wash. You should follow the guideline written on the detergent box for appropriate use.

10. When the pre-wash program is necessary to perform before the actual wash cycle?

It is only needed when our laundry is filthy, and we need to perform stubborn stains.

10. Sometimes our clothes are coming out sticky & dirty also with black stains. How should we prevent this?

You need to check your detergent and use a limescale detergent to tackle these issues.

Conclusion – Best Washing Machine in India

Washing Machines are now an essential appliance in our house today. It is no longer remains a luxury; instead, and it becomes a vital home appliance. In the above article, we have discussed the top 14 best washing machines in India. We have reviewed the popular brands and models available in the market. 

If you want to buy a Front-load, this LG 8.0 kg or an IFB 6 kg Front Load Washing Machine is the best. While for a top load washing machine, you can choose the IFB 7 kg washing machine. For the semi-automatic washing machine, you can check this article. Please refer to our article with Best Budget Washing Machine if you want the list according to budget.

Please provide your valuable feedback in below comment section below. We will try our best to resolve any of your queries.

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