Washing Machine Buying Guide in 2021

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Choosing the best washing is not always easy, with the different types of washing machines available in the market. This article “washing machine buying guide” will help you with all aspects of washing machines.

What is a Washing Machine? And why should we use it?

Washing machines are one of the essential life-changing and time-saving inventions of our time. Washing machines wash your clothes without applying any physical effort. You don’t have to rub your clothes with your hands and squeeze them hard to drain them—all you have to put your laundry into the washing machine and follow the instructions. The selected wash mode will distribute its time among washing, rinsing, and drying.

What are the hygiene issues in washing by hand?

Most of the laundry detergents and liquids have fragrances like roses or jasmine. But its smell is not natural; it is only due to chemicals present in it. These chemicals can cause rashes and skin irritations. 

During my childhood, I saw my mother washing clothes with her hand. As of excessive washing, she got skin irritation due to harmful chemicals present in laundry detergent.

It is advisable to use the only detergent, which is fragrance and dye-free. It would help if you also rinsed your clothes multiple times to minimize the detergent residue. In this washing machine buying guide, we will discuss best practices for laundry. The best alternative to this is to use a fully automatic washing machine.

Types of washing machines –

Washing machines are broadly classified into two types – 

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully automatic washing machine

Further Fully automatic machine is also classified into –

  • Top Loader Washing Machine
  • Front Loader Washing machine

You can check some of the Best washing machines here.

washing machine buying guide front loader
best top load washing machine
semi automatic washing machine
In a semi-automatic washing machine, most things are manual except the timer and wash selector speed. Semi-automatic washing machines are handy if there is no facility for running tap water. You can fill them using a bucket, which is not possible in fully automatic machines.

Although, the fully automatic washing machine costs 5000 to 10000 INR more. Still, we recommend choosing a fully automatic washing machine. Their features will compensate for its higher price. They are very hassle-free. It automatically controls water flow, performs wash, rinses, and drains. The only manual work you need is to load the clothes, supply the detergent, and press the button. Once the wash is completed, you just need to hang them in the sun for some time to completely dry.

Semi-Automatic Vs Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi Automatic Washing MachineFully Automatic Washing Machine
More manual work
No manual work, it saves lot of time.
Requires less water (But need to monitor manually)
Electricity efficient. But there should be proper earthed electricity connection, otherwise sometime can gives electric shock.
Takes more water (It will controls water flow automatically)
Requires more electricity than the semi-automatic washing machine.
Requires more space - Separate tub for washer and dryer.Requires less space - Single tub to perform wash, rinse and dry.
Maximum 3 wash programsMore wash programs than semi-automatic
Need to manually shift the clothes from washer to dryer.Performs Wash, Drain and rinse automatically.
Can add/remove wash during the mid wash cycleCan’t add/remove wash during the mid wash cycle (in Front loader)
No installation RequiredIt requires technician to install the machine.
No Advance features available.Advanced features like ( Child Lock, In-built heater, many wash programs, quick wash etc) available.
Costs from 6000 to 15000 INR.Costs from 14000 to 50000 INR.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These are primary entry-level machines. It has two separate tubs for washing and drying. To wash your clothes, you should first fill the washing tub with water. Then put your clothes for washing and select the wash mode. Once washing is finished, you have to shift the dresses into the drying tub manually. It needs more manual effort than a fully automatic washing machine.

Pros –

  • Entry-level, so less expensive. A semi-automatic washing machine can range from 6000 to 13000rs in India.
  • It doesn’t require a fixed water connection, and you can fill the tub with a bucket.
  • It consumes less electricity and water. You can control water as per load because water is added manually here. Also, you can use the rinse water in our next wash.
  • Can add or remove laundry during the wash cycle.

Cons –

  • It requires more manual work. If you are suffering from back pain, then it is not suitable for you.
  • It requires more space than of fully automatic washing machine because of two separate tubs.

You can check some of the Best Semi-Automatic washing machines here.

How to use Semi-Automatic Washing machine – Video Guide (English & Hindi)

How to choose washing machine buying guide
washing machine buying guide

Fully-Automatic washing machine 

In a fully automatic washing machine, there is only one tub to performs both washing and drying. You need to provide a fixed water connection. You only need to add detergent and clothes, and the rest will be taken care of by machine. It will adjust the water levels for wash, rinse and dry. You relax or watch your favorite TV show or can even go shopping. 

Fully automatic washing machines have the latest technologies and advanced features. The only concern is that it is more expensive than a semi-automatic washing machine. And requires a fixed water supply for operation. 

Fully automatic washing machines come into two categories based on the load type. 

  1. Top Loader Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  2. Front Loader Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Top loader washing machine

In the top-loader machine, the washing tub is vertically aligned. You will load clothes from the top. It has a continuous water supply, and it will select water whenever required.

The top loader washing machine uses two types of devices Agitators and Impellers. With these devices, the top loader washing machine moves clothes during the wash cycles. The price of the top load washing machine also depends upon the agitator and impeller.

Agitator & Impeller in Top Loader washing machine buying guide

agitators in top loader washing machine

In an agitator washing machine, there is a central pole. It twists back and forth, rubbing against clothes.

It makes direct physical contact with your clothes. And rubs itself against the clothes to make them clean.

agitators and Impellers

Top Loader Washing Machine with Impeller

In an Impeller washing machine, there is a low profile cone or disc or plate-like structure. It stirs the water and creates turbulent water currents. The plate/disc spins and rotates to rub clothes against each other to make them clean. The Impellers clean the clothes without making any physical contact with them. It gently rubs the clothes against each other.

This is the advantage of Impellers in the top loader washing machine. But your clothes will get more tangled by the Impeller washing machine.

There is more space in the tub for bulky articles and easy loading/unloading.

Advantages of top-loading washing machine

  • Top loader washing machines are cost-effective. They are fully automatic and also the price is lesser than the front loader washing machine. Top loader washing machine in India costs from 15000 to 25000. As compared to semi-automatic machines, top-load machines are 5000-10000 costlier. But they have many advanced features and no manual work required. These features will outweigh the lesser cost of the semi-automatic washing machine. 
  • Loading and unloading are also easy in the top loader washing machine. So if you are suffering from back pain, then it is best for you.
  • Also, many top loader machines give you 10+ wash programs for different types of fabrics. 

From our recommendation, you should choose a top loader washing machine. But you must have a continuous water supply at home for top loader washing machines. 

You can check some of the best Top loader washing machines.

Front loading washing machine

Front loader washing machines, as the name suggests, you can load & unload cloths from the front. Their drum sits horizontally and is more significant than a top loader washing machine.

They don’t have any agitators or impellers like a top loader. Here the drum rotates and picks up your clothes, and dropping them into soapy water. It rubs the clothes against each other to give a perfect wash. They are very gentle on your clothes. It has a water jet spray which soaks the clothes. It requires less water than of top loader because the drum doesn’t need to be fully submerged.

Pros – 

  • Better washing than a top loader.
  • Energy and water-efficient.
  • Very gentle on clothes. Most recommended for delicate clothes
  • More wash programs and temperature options. 

Cons –

  • Can’t add/remove wash during the mid wash cycle
  • Expensive than top loader (Costs around 25000 to 50000 Indian rupees)
  • Heavier (challenging to move around)
  • Takes more for wash than of others.

Please check some of the best Front Load Washing Machines here.

Comparison - Top Loader Vs Front Loader

 Front Loader Washing machineTop loader Washing Machine
CostHigh Initial CostLess Initial Cost
Water & Energy EfficientMoreLess
CleaningBetter CleaningAverage Cleaning
Fabric CareGentle on Clothes - Less Damage to clothesHarsher on clothes - More Damage to Cloths
Wash CycleLonger Wash CycleShorter Wash Cycle
Cloth LoadingNeed to bend to loading and unloading of clothesNo need to bend - Perfect for people suffering from back pain
FeaturesMore Wash Cycle and FeaturesLess Wash Cycle and Features
CapacityLarger Capacity, can load more clothesLess capacity due to agitator and impeller
MaintenanceRequires less maintenanceMore - Because agitator is tougher on machine hardware.
Noise and VibrationLess Vibration and NoiseMore Vibration and Noise
User FriendlyMore complicated FeaturesEasier to Use
Installation Can be installed inside cabinets and its top can be utilized as bench topCant be installed inside cabinet as you need to open the lid.
Smell and MouldAcquire more mould and smell in its door rubberLess chances of mould and smell
Spin SpeedRuns almost 33% faster spin speedNormal Spin Speed
VerdictInitial investment but due to features and efficiency it is best buyIf you are tight on budget then you should consider this

Washing Machine Features

‣ Quick wash

It gives you the facility to wash your laundry quickly. This feature is present in most fully automatic washing machines. Whenever we are running out of time and in a hurry, it is beneficial. Depend on the machine, and it can wash and dry your clothes in 15 to 30 minutes.

‣ Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic is present in most fully automatic washing machines. It uses modern artificial intelligence and has many inbuilt sensors. It controls wash time & cycle, water intake, water temperature, spin, and rinse speed. In modern machines, fuzzy logic senses the load and recommends the detergent based on that. It corrects the load imbalances restart the machine.

Each washing machine manufacturer has its own defined sensors and fuzzy logic. There is not a definite process to activate the fuzzy login on the washing machine. Whenever you load clothes and start the wash program, it activates fuzzy logic activates & controls the further process based on the wash program.

‣ Delay start

This feature is beneficial when you want to schedule your wash at per convenience. In India, people like to soak clothes into the detergent solution for some time. It helps to get rid of tough stains easily. Also, sometimes you want to load laundry at night and complete it by morning. Then the delay start will be helpful in these conditions.

‣ Steam Wash

Some of the expensive washing machines are inbuilt with steam wash. Steam wash uses water steam to wash your clothes. It produces heat and humidity inside the drum and forcibly passes steam into clothes. It helps to remove the toughest stains and keeps your clothes odor-free.

‣ Revolution Per Minutes (RPM Speed)

It is the capacity by which the washing machine drum can spin in a minute. The higher number means the washing machine is more powerful. A higher number will quickly squeeze water from the clothes and gives you better drying. You can adjust the RPM based on the clothes.

‣ Temperature Control 

This feature will enable you with both cold and hot water wash. The cold water wash will save energy, while the hot water wash will remove heavily soiled clothes. Some washing machines are intelligent enough, and they control water temperature by own.

‣ Drum Clean

This unique feature cleans the drum. It removes traces of detergent, mold, and dirt from the inside of the drum/tub.

Ten important Factors – Washing Machine buying guide

Every washing machine has its unique features, but some of the features are commons among all washing machines. In this washing machine guide, we will discuss ten important factors one by one. Please read this washing machine buying guide before buying any washing machines.

1. Washing machine capacity

It is measured by the amount of laundry it can wash in one cycle. If the drum is not filled up to its capacity, it will waste both electricity and water. Also, you should fill the drum space up to 75% for the best washing result.

So you should consider the numbers of the person in your family and the frequency of your washing. This washing machine buying guide will give you a rough idea of the quantity and type of clothes in one load. 

Washing Machine Capacity:

CapacityNumber of ClothesIdeal Family size
6kg - 6.5kg1 bed sheet
2 shirts
2 jeans
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Bachelors and Couple
7kg3 shirts
3 jeans
1 bed sheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Ideal for 3-4 Members Family
8kg4 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
3 small towels
3 pillowcases
Ideal for 4-5 Members Family
10kg and more3 shirts
3 jeans
2 bedsheet
6 small towels
6 pillowcases
Big Indian family with 5 plus members.

2. Drum/Tub Material 

Washing machine drums are used to load and wash your clothes and either steel or plastic. The stainless-steel drum is best in washing machines. They are long-lasting and gives a higher spin speed than plastic. However, plastic tubs are also durable and rustproof.

3. Wash Cycle

These are various wash programs by which your washing machine performs its job. You can even customize and save your favorite wash programs.  

Some common wash programs are delicate, synthetic, hand washes, cotton, and many more.

Common Wash cycles of washing machines

‣ Regular, every day or cotton – Removes stains and dirt from your daily fabrics. It is for cotton, linens, bedsheets, towels, shirts, jeans, underwear, socks, etc.

‣ Delicate or hand wash – Gently cleans your delicate items. It is beneficial for Silk, wool, or anything that has a gentle wash on the tag.

‣ Fast or Quick wash Cycle – It is for a small amount of lightly soiled garments. The load amount is generally less for this kind of wash cycle. It has a faster spin speed that washes and dries quickly. It is generally a 30 minutes cycle.

‣ ‘5’ Quick Wash – It also gives the same feature as Quick wash. Here wash cycle runs for 15 minutes and take up to 2 kg load.

‣ Outdoor or Sport Cycle – You can wash the fabrics like breathable, waterproof, or windproof with this program. It doesn’t damage the fabric. If a washing machine does not have this program, then you can use delicate or hand wash.

‣ Permanent Press / Synthetics Cycle – This is the milder version of cotton or regular wash cycle. It washes at a lower temperature than a normal wash. It washes your cloth gently and makes them wrinkle-free. The same feature is available in the color wash cycle for some machines.

‣ Wool Cycle –

It is for woolen garments. Generally, for these programs, the load is significantly less, around 2kg. It applies gentle cradle actions and washes on lower water temperature.

‣ Steam modes – Some of the high range washing machines have this feature of steam wash. It removes foul odor and kills the bacteria from clothes.

‣ Rinse and Spin –You can use this when you only want to rinse but not wash your clothes.

‣ Baby Care –This wash cycle ensures that no detergent residue is left on your clothes. It washes on high temperate and also with extra rinse cycles. It ensures that your baby’s clothes become odor, bacteria, and detergent-free.

4. RPM (Revolution Per Minute) – The higher the RPM, the faster the drying of clothes. 

5. Temperature control – Generally, washing machines have three options to select the temperature. 

  • Cold: It uses cold water to wash your clothes. It is for those items which might shrink or leave dye. Also, it is for delicate, dark, and bright fabrics.
  • Warm: This is for jeans, bedsheets, knits, towels, cotton, and linens.
  • Hot: It uses hot water to wash your clothes. It removes detergent residues, odor, and bacteria from clothes. Hot wash helps to remove hard stains. But, the extra hot water could shrink, damage, or fade some fabrics types. 
6. Energy Saving

you should select the most energy-efficient washing machine. Every electronics appliances have their energy rating. It varies from 1 -5 stars, along with choosing the star for energy efficiency. You should also follow some basic practices which will help you to reduce the energy cost.

  • Try to use cold water to wash your load ( It need extra energy to heat the water)
  • Washing a full load will help to utilities water and energy efficiently.
  • Try to use the lowest water level as per load.

7. Time delay and pre-soak feature – Time delay is beneficial when you want to customize your washing time. You can delay your washing up to 0 to 24 hours. At the same time, pre-soak soaks your clothes into the detergent solution for some time. It helps to remove the tough stains.

8. Warranty – The washing machines are not cheap appliances. You should always check and go for a better warranty.

9. After-sale services – If the after-sale service is not good, it will give you pain. Many big brands provide free installation and better after-sale service.

10. Other Factors – Along with these, budget is also an essential factor to consider. Please check out some of the best budget washing machines available in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Front Load Vs. Top Load Vs. Semi-Automatic washing machine?
All these washing machines have modern features and capable of performing its task. It is recommended to buy a fully automatic washing machine because it will give excellent wash water and energy efficiency. A front-load washing machine is a bit expensive but provides a comfortable wash. At the same time, a top load washing machine is perfect for people suffering from back pain.
Semi-Automatic washing is almost like a manual washing machine. You can only consider this if you are low on budget and also there is no water connection available. You can fill a semi-automatic washing machine with both buckets as well by tap.

2. Factors to consider before buying a washing machine?
There are many factors one should consider before buying a washing machine. The most significant factors are types, capacity, brand, and budget. Apart from this, it would be best if you also consider wash programs, RPM, energy ratings, and customer reviews.

3. Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top loaders?
A top load washing machine has either an agitator or pulsator system. On the other hand, a front load washing machine has a tumbler washing system. Tumbler washing systems are expensive to manufacture than the pulsator system. You will also get more wash programs and features in the front load washing machine.

4. How much detergent should we use for each load?
The detergent quantity depends upon the hardness of water as well as the soils in clothes. Usually, hard water needs more detergent than soft water. It is also advisable not to use much detergent because it will leave soap traces after the wash. You should follow the guideline written on the detergent box for appropriate use.

Final Thoughts

A washing machine is an expensive home appliance and will serve its purpose for at least 10-12 years. It is advisable to take care of the washing machine and also choose your washing machine wisely.
Every washing machine brands have their specific technologies and feature. Like Samsung provides bubble wash and LG gives punch+ 3 with direct drive technologies.
In this washing machine buying guide, we have tried to cover every factor in detail. If you need any further detail and like our article, please let us know in the below comment section.

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