Water Heater / Geyser Buying Guide - 2020

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By: Gaurav Bhardwaj
Published on:- October 24, 2019

What is Water Heater / Geyser and why should we use it?

Water heater/ Geysers are one of the essential electrical appliances for every house. It is always difficult to take a morning shower during winter with the cold water. In India, we used to get hot water either by the gas, stove or some kind of immersion rod. These methods are not only risky but also uncomfortable. Geyser helps us with these issues and provides us with hot water instantly. In this Geyser buying Guide, we will help you with all the aspects of geysers.

A water heater is very useful during the winter season. Geyser is a component used in a water heater to heat the water. So normally, we refer a water heater also as a geyser.

water heater and geyser to hot water bath

Before buying any water heater/geyser, we should compare it based on some parameters. This Geyser buying Guide will give details of these parameters and help you with geyser shopping.

Types of geysers available in Indian Market – 

Broadly Geysers are of two types – Electric Geysers and Gas Geysers. Nowadays solar water heater also becomes equally popular.

electric water heater and geyser for hot water bath

1. Electric Geysers -

It consumes electricity to produce hot water. So here electrical energy is converted into heat energy. Electric Geysers are best for heating the water at higher temperatures. These geysers are very popular because they require less maintenance as well as easy to handle. Apart from this, the biggest advantage is that they will not emit any harmful carbon monoxide gas.


  • Comparatively smaller size than gas and solar.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Less expensive and has longer lifespan.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It heats water quickly than others.
  • Very popular among Indian homes. Ideal for both residence and commercial use.

Cons –

  • On power failure, it will not give you hot water.
  • Operation cost is higher than other hot water alternatives.

Instant geysers Vs Storage type geysers.

Further, the electric geysers are classified into either Instant geysers or Storage type geysers.
Storage type geyser has an insulating water tank to store hot water. While the instant water heater works on the principle of heat exchange. It contains inbuilt electric coils, which is heated on passing the electric current. When water flows through these heated coils, it acquires heat and gives you instant hot water.

The storage geyser stores the hot water according to its capacity. While the instant geyser refers to the amount of hot water produced per minute. So a 25-litre storage geyser can store up to 25 litres of hot water at a time. While a 3-litre instant geyser will give you 3 litre of hot water in a minute. Also, for a small bathroom, an instant geyser will save space, while for spacious bathroom storage geyser should be good.

Comparison - Storage Geysers vs Instant Geysers

Storage geysersInstant geysers
It has an insulated hot water storage tank, which can store from 5 to 50 liters of hot water based on its capacity.They are no provision for storing hot water, it heats the water instantly.
Less energy efficient as compared to Instant type geysers.More energy efficient than of storage type geysers.
It can provide 5-50 liters of hot water flow at a time, so perfect for big Indian families.It provides a limited amount of water flow at one time(1-10 liters), so ideal for small families like bachelors or couples.
It requires more mounting space. Ideal for spacious bathroom and kitchen areas.Requires less mounting space. Ideal for small bathroom and kitchen spaces.
It will require more time for installationEasy installation
Water will take 5-10 min to heat up.You will instantly get hot water.
It has lesser lifespan.It has higher lifespan as it has no storage tank.
Storage geysers are more popular among Indian homes.Instant geysers are less popular than the storage water heater.
gas water heater and geysers

2. Gas Geysers: 

It uses gas instead of electricity to heat the water. Here commonly we use LPG or propane gas connections to produce hot water.

Pros –

  • It heats the water faster than that of an electric water heater.
  • It can heat water at a higher temperature than electric geysers.
  • These have a low operational cost than the electric geysers.
  • Maintenance cost is less, but it is not as durable as electric geysers.
  • You will get 24×7 hot water, as no dependency on electricity.


  • It requires more space as it needs a separate gas connection.
  • Installation is complicated as compared to an electrical one. 
  • May be dangerous in case of gas leakage or sometimes emission of carbon mono-oxide gas.
solar water heater

3. Solar Geysers:

It uses solar plates to heat water by solar radiation. Solar geysers are very useful and also economical in tropical countries like India. You will get enough sunlight throughout the year in India. You can mount the solar plates on roof-top. The observed solar heat is transferred to the water tank to heat the water.

Pros –

  • Natural source of energy. It is environment friendly.
  • It is the cheapest form of energy. The initial setup cost is higher but the operational cost is minimal.
  • There are some solar geysers available in market. Which can work even with electricity and gas as a backup if there are no sun rays available.


  • Not suitable for apartments and tenants.
  • It is not effective during winter and monsoons when there is little sunshine.

How to Select the best suitable Geyser Size?

Capacity is an important factor while buying a geyser. It will not only saves energy but also gives you adequate hot water as per your need. It is always painful when you have to wait during your bath if somebody has already used hot water. Also, it is not recommended to unnecessary store the hot water. As it will waste energy in the form of standing heat loss.

Roughly, based on experience, for 1-3 persons, a 10-15 litre of storage and 2-3 litre of instant geyser would be sufficient. While for a family of 4-5 members 20-25 litre of storage and 5-6 litre of instant geyser will be perfect.

Along with these the geyser capacity also depends on the geographical conditions. Usually, the southern part of India experiences a higher temperate than the northern India. You should buy a higher geyser capacity if you are from North India than in South India.

Below Geyser buying Guide – table will give you a rough idea regarding Geyser size-

Table - Capacity of Geyser

Number of PersonsPurposeIdeal Geyser Capacity
1-3 membersBathing - BucketInstant : 3-4 litres
Storage : 10-15 litres
1-3 membersBathing - ShowerInstant : 5 litres
Storage : 15-25 litres
1-3 membersKitchen UseInstant : 1-3 litres
Storage : 5+ litres
4-8 membersBathing - BucketInstant : 5-6 litres
Storage : 25 litres
4-8 membersBathing - ShowerInstant : 6+ litres
Storage : 25+ litres
4-8 membersKitchen UseInstant : 3+ litres
Storage : 10 litres

Video - Geyser Buying Guide (Select the perfect geyser)

Some important points (Geyser Buying Guide):-

Water flow rate is also an important factor while deciding a geyser. Normally in tap water, the flow rate is around 3 litres per minute. While for the shower it is higher as 7-8 litres per minute. If you have an instant water heater with 3-litre capacity then it is perfect for tap uses. But for the shower, you have to wait during the operation. 

Energy consumption – In Geysers, energy consumption is the measurement of electricity which a geyser consumes to heat water. It is measured in Watts. In general, the energy star rating of geyser measures its energy efficiency. This energy star is provided by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). Higher star rating means that the geyser will consume less power.

Factors affecting energy consumption in geysers –

  • The consumption of energy also depends upon its storage capacity. The more water it heats, the more energy it requires.
  • In a geyser, there is a bathing temperature and also a thermostat temperature. A thermostat is a component in geyser which senses the temperature of the water. Usually, in geyser, the bathing temperature is lower than the thermostat temperature. We usually mix normal water to lower down the thermostat temperature. Because we can’t bath in fully hot water. Ideally bathing water temperature is around 35-37 degree. While the thermostat temperature for geyser is around 60 degree Celsius.
  • In cold regions, the water takes more time to reach thermostat temperature.
  • In the storage type of geysers, there is the standing loss of heat through the water surface. The geysers will re-heat the water to maintain its thermostat temperature. It will also impact energy consumption.
  • Storage tank material also affects power consumption. Usually, a geyser is made of either copper, stainless steel or thermoplastic. Among this stainless-steel is the best choice of storage tank material. Because it is a better insulator of heat than the thermoplastic. Also, it is not a good conductor of heat as the copper, so it will have less standing heat loss. The only concern is that the stainless steel requires an anti-corrosive coating to avoid the corrosion.
  • The high watt of the geyser will heat the water quickly. For example, a 4 KW heater will quickly heat the water than a 2 KW heater.

Hard Water –

Hard Water will decrease the lifespan as well as the performance of geyser. Usually in hot water, there are high contents of minerals like calcium and magnesium. If the water contains more salts and these minerals then, it will damage the geyser. Also, it will damage your clothes, storage tank and equipment through which it passes. For better result, you should consider those geysers which having corrosion resistant water tank. Also for hard water, you should use water softener inside the steel tank. This softner will help you to convert the hard water to soft water.

Warranty & Maintenance. –

Proper maintenance will extend the life as well as the performance of the water heater. You should operate and maintain the geyser according to its user manual. It ensures that the geyser will always stay in an excellent working condition. You should regularly clean the geyser tank, to prevent it from rusting.
Along with these, you should always choose a geyser with a higher warranty and brand value. Warranty is like a one-time investment. If your geyser stops working during the warranty period then it will be easily replaced or repaired by the company.
Normally, a good brand geyser comes with 4 to 5 years of warranty on the storage tank. Also a comprehensive warranty of 2-3 years on its body and other accessories.


Some Additional Safety features:-

  • It is always recommended to switch off the geyser when not in use. The unused hot water will cause standing heat loss. You should prefer geyser with an auto cut-off feature. It will shut down when water reaches thermostat temperature (60℃). Overheating will increase internal pressure and may cause damages to the geyser.
  • Also, never use the hot water directly from the geyser. The water is at high temperature and extremely dangerous to human skin. It may cause severe burns to skin. So, it is always recommended to mix some normal water to lower down the temperature. Always make sure, children should stay away from the geyser. The hot water may burn their skin.
  • A gas water heater should be installed with a proper leakage proof pipe. Usually, a gas heater emits Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas. So you should install proper ventilation system for gas geysers.
  • It also recommended to use bathroom exhaust fan during operating the geysers. The hot water will generate mould due to moisture. These mould may damage your bathroom.
Geysers with ISI/BIS certification gives assurance of durability and properly tested product. The product should be equipped with some of the useful and common accessories such as. A safety valve to release the excess water pressure. All cable should be fire redundant to prevent any chances of short circuit.

Best Water Heater/ Geyser Brands available in India

In India, there are many geyser brands, among them, some of the most popular and reliable brands are – Havells, Bajaj, AO Smith, Crompton, V-Guard, Morphy Richards and Racold. Here we will discuss these brands in brief, this will help you to choose the best brand.

havells water heater and geyser in india

1. Havells Geyser / Water Heater

It is one of the leading geyser brands in India, they offer storage as well as the instant water heater. Their gas geyser equipped with LPG and Natural gas is also very popular.

  • Havells use a colour-changing LED display in their geysers. It changes its colour as per water temperature. The Blue colour for cold while amber is for hot water.
  • It also displays the real-time water temperature in degree Celsius.
  • Some of their models are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and has a mobile app. You can control it using their mobile app. It gives you the facility to operate the geyser without visiting the bathroom. And also allow to set the temperature and timing remotely
  • Havells uses IPX and Pentashield technology, which protects its electrical parts from water splashing. Their some models are also guarded with ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker). By this, it will protect the geyser from any power supply leakage. In the case of current leakage, it will cut off the power supply immediately.
  • Some of Havells geyser is made of ultra-thick and super cold steel plates. It extends the durability and makes the geyser corrosion free.
  • Their gas water heater has Flame Out and Overheat protection. It will automatically cut off the gas supply whenever the flame leaks out or crosses the threshold.
  • Havells has its service centre across India. They have a wide range of instant, storage as well as the gas heater. Please visit Havells official website for more details. 
bajaj logo

2. Bajaj Water Heater / Geyser

Bajaj is one of the most trusted Indian brands for electrical appliances. It provides a wide range of water heaters from simple immersion rod to the storage and instant geysers.

  • Bajaj latest geysers come with a flexible thermostat to control the water temperature. You can control the water temperature by its knob, which ranges from warm to hot temperature.
  • Their water heaters have a thermoplastic body which prevents it from rusting and corrosion.
  • Bajaj is a popular Desi Indian brand. It provides digital display and also a remote control to remotely operate the geyser.
  • Bajaj’s gas water heater prevents it from building a large amount of unwanted gas. It also has an anti-freeze feature, which helps to decrease the freezing point of water. This is very helpful during the winter season. The water may turn into ice if you are not using geyser for a long period of time.
  • Some of Bajaj geysers have child lock feature, which keeps it safe from children interfere.
  • It has also a timer which will cut off power and gas supply after a definite time to avoid any mishaps.
    Please visit Bajaj official website for more details. 
bajaj water heater and geyser in india
havells water heater in india
crompton water heater
crompton water heater and geyser

3. Crompton water heater / Geysers​

Crompton is an Indian based one of the oldest brands for electrical appliances. It is famous for its product durability, quality and performance.

  • Crompton has a fusible plug to protect from any situation of overcurrent.
  • It also has a facility of auto cut off to protect water from overheating.
  • Crompton is one of the trusted brands for electrical appliances. But it is still growing in the area of the water heater and geysers. They have a wide network of service centres and distributors to support their services.
    Please visit Crompton official website for more details.
ao smith water heater

4. AO Smith Water Heater / Geyser

AO Smith is one of the globally recognised water heater brands in India. It is an American based brand, but also popular among Indian market. AO Smith is present in more than 50 countries and undoubtedly one of most popular water geyser brand worldwide.

ao smith water heater and geyser
  • AO Smith provides both instant as well as the storage water heater. Their instant geyser has 5 years warranty. While the storage geyser has 2 years warranty on the product as well as 7 years on inner tank.
  • Some of the latest geysers from AO Smith has introduced Blue glass coating. It helps to reduce corrosion and works well even with hard water. Usually scaling is happened by the sediments of minerals like calcium or magnesium. These scaling damages the heating efficiency and may result in leakage in the geyser.
  • Some of its premium geysers have a digital display and also remote control. Its digital display shows both temperatures as well as energy consumption of geyser.
  • Their geysers are capable of working even on high-pressure conditions. It uses heavy gauge steel and blue diamond technology in their inner tank. Which enables it to bear high pressure than normal so can work smoothly in high rise buildings.
  • AO Smith has an advanced Air2Heat Heater which generates heat from the environment. Broadly it works like a refrigerator in reverse order. ie it pulls heat from the surrounding air and uses it to heat the water. Here the electricity is used to transfer heat from one part to another instead of heating the water. This geyser is very energy efficient and helps to save up to 50-60% of energy consumption.
racold water heater logo

5. Racold Water heater / Geyser

Racold is one of the globally recognised brands for the water heater. It has powerful instant water heater as well as storage and gas water heater. It also offers solar and pumps heater, which can be utilised in industries.

  • Racold Water Heater is designed in Italy and is popular in India as well. Its geyser has Wi-Fi connectivity and also enabled with smart control technology. With this, you can easily control and personalise the geyser. Its Omnis water heater has a specially designed mobile app to control the geyser. Racold app will also allow you to customize and schedule your bath. It also gives you details of geyser usages and helps you to track the energy consumption.
  • Its storage water heaters have Silver-ion technology. Which reduces the production of harmful bacteria in water. It kills up to 99% of bacteria and ensures a clean and hygiene bath.
  • They also use Titanium Plus technology for the inner tanks of storage geysers. It helps to protect it from corrosion, rust and also reduces energy consumption.
  • Racold geyser’s outer body is made from the high-quality plastic material. It extends the durability and protects it from rusting.
  • Their gas water heater is also popular and uses compressed gas to heat the water. They are certified by ISI standard and are very energy efficient.
  • Racold gas geyser has a special Summer/Winter function. It gives you hot water in winter and warm water in summer. They are very efficient to work even at low pressure in high-rise buildings.
  • It also offers solar water heater which is very energy efficient. It uses zinc-aluminium (AZ) sheet which has a longer life than that of galvanized steel. Its metallic finish reflects and observes most of the heat incident on it. It makes it more energy efficient.

We will discuss some of the best featured and leading geysers in India. We have considered brands, features, customer reviews and many more factors to decide our list. Please read in details about the Geysers list here.

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